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I wouldn't travel any other way.  After retirement I too off without any specific

plans except to end up in Wisconsin to see my old homes.  Didn't even decide

which traffic route to use until the morning I left.  Decided at an intersection.


Did stop anywhere, from the Spam factory (honest!), to Washington DC.  Travelled mostly side roads instead of interstate and stopped at small

towns to eat  and met many interesting people who loved to talk about

their towns and lives. Ended up in all the New England states, skipped

New York City (sensible), down to Florida, New Orleans, etc.  Gone for

about two months.  Would love to do another one, but age 87 makes me

cautious about my abilities in heavy traffic.  But if you want to go, friends,

GO!  Pay no attention to those who are horrified that you DARE to do

such a thing ---    enjoy!   


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I started traveling solo by necessity rather than choice.  I became a widow at a younger age and decided unless I wanted to stay home the rest of my life, I needed to go alone.  My friends and family still had families of their own and couldn't always take time when I was ready to go.  At the time, I was traveling for work and normally I went alone so off I went.  


My first trip alone was a cruise.  I paid the single supplement, which means I basically paid for 2 but I never felt alone.  There was always someone to talk to no matter what I was doing.  I took some of the group tours but mostly stayed on the ship or at the docks.  I took an itinerary that I had been on before so I didn't feel I had to hurry to see everything.  It was very enjoyable.  For most of the last 10 years, I've gone away for Christmas.  I may spend Christmas alone but I spend it at the beach!

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I prefer traveling alone because I hate the phrase "what do you want to do"? I want to be able to get up when I want, go where I want, stop when I want, go when I want, and not worry about what anyone else wants to do. It's selfish but, there you are.


 Seriously though, you get to meet new people at every stop . You have the flexibility to change your mind and be spontaneous. That makes life and travel so much better. I have traveled by myself since 1972 . I do sometimes travel with family, friends, and occasionally (very occasionally) i travel with a group. I don't like being told what to do so group travel is not my first choice. The only reason I travel with the group is to to a place that might seem unsafe for a single woman. There really aren't that many places like that so I have only traveled with a group twice in my life.


 I highly recommend solo travel. Go to the Internet and look up solo travel. You'll be surprise how many blogs and websites appear that are dedicated to solo travel. Sign up with them and you will become confident in traveling by yourself.

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I’d like to hear the reasons people chose to travel solo.  I’ve never traveled solo but I’m sure it has some good points.  My preference is to travel with family, friends and small groups. I like the security of knowing someone especially in a foreign land.

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after several trips to France, and one soon to Italy, I have incorporated an art class or short tours as part of my travels.  I don't like to be tied to a tour that organizes your every minute, but there are part-time classes or companies that give short tours, which have worked for me.  In my early 70's, I like some connection to other people including locals. Most art classes I've seen will cater to beginners as well as experienced artists.  But there are other classes to search for: art tours, architecture, cultural, cooking, language, etc.  In several cases I have clicked enuf with a fellow classmate to spend some of our free time touring, but not always.  I am an independent person, so I do not go expecting a connection. On a minor accident in Paris sent me by ambulance to hospital, I was faced with French only treatment.  I speak on an intermediate level but I was concerned about a possible wound infection later and a local person sent me to the "American" hospital on the western outskirts of Paris, multilingual treatment and I felt much more secure.  PS. Medicare doesn't cover this, but my AARP supplement plan covered about 3/4 of my bills on my return.  The first bill btw, for ambulance, X-rays, splinting and suturing was less than €100 and the "American" hospital was about €100.  Please understand, I was more concerned about a shin wound (not needing suturing) which remained very swollen and I wanted to be sure it was not infected later.  I have no criticism of my first hospital treatment except my medical language knowledge.

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I've always preferred to travel alone.  I've toured 










I've always preferred to travel alone.  I've toured Seattle by myself, parts of Oregon, camped along the Sand Dunes in SW Colorado, gone deep sea fishing out of Westport, WA and Depot Bay, Oregon.










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Great Value for Solo Travelers

European River Cruises

Solo Travelers enjoy Special Savings in Category 1 Cabins – No Single Supplement on all European River Cruises in 2018! The single price in Category 1 is the same as the double price, which means savings of up to 50% for solo travelers on every departure of every European river cruise! 



This sounds great!!!!

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I travel solo with Tauck.   I feel well cared for and have met other wonderful solo travelers.

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"....when you travel-do you pick the country and the place randomply, you have you wish lits or how do you make a desition? Also, what's your favourite solo travel destination and why?...".


Speaking for myself, I'm an Anglophile. I'm interested in the U.K. as we share so much history, language, common law, and similar 'social issues'. I like their form of government.I love the architecture of the Cotswold homes and their castles.

   Even though one can travel virtually anywhere, without knowing the language, I feel more confortable traveling solo where I can read the signs, speak to virtually anyone (although so many people know English in so many countries). 

    But, many people want to experience cultures unlike their own, so going to the U.K. might seem uninteresting to them.

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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A friend who is in her 30s has been to many countries and speaks only English.  She says she's  been to many foreign countries and the language barrier doesn't deter her from experiencing other cultures.  She travels light with a backpack. 


If there are physical disabilities to deal with, that could be a problem; but if you're in fair  to good health plan now.  There are families who rent spare rooms in different countries, and could help in getting around sans maps and advice on places to see.  Sometimes staying with families is better than staying in a hotel or being with a tour group.  Plus maybe you will have made friends for life. Travel is less complicated if you go with the flow,  wear comfortable shoes, take plenty of pics, relax and enjoy.

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