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Re: Social Security benefit amounts

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I suggest you visit the SS website, https://www.ssa.gov/ , and if you haven't already, create an account.


Try out the Retirement Estimator to calculate your benefits.


Check out FAQs.

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Re: Social Security benefit amounts

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I have investigated this and based on my findings (from http://ssa.org/) each month until the retirement age, based on year of birth makes a difference.


Check out the site for best information, or call them, as the person I spoke with was very honest.


I was advised by tax pro that I needed to wait for best return (born 11/1954).




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Social Security benefit amounts

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If I claim SS benefits at the age of 64.5, would it be the same or more than if I claimed at 64? In other words, does the amount increase with each MONTH delayed? Approx by how much, percentage-wise? Thanks

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