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maybe this will do Smiley Indifferent  good lawyer from New York. helped me a lot

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nola45 wrote:

I will like to get in touch with a SSI lawyer i need some help.

               Thank You

Just to make sure you are talking about SSI and not some other program -

Are you sure that you mean SSI ?


The SSI program (Supplemental Security Income) provides payments to adult or children who are disabled and have limited income and resources. So the only qualifiers for SSI is disability and income.  If your income and resources are too high, you will be turned down for benefits no matter how severe your medical disorders.  This is a program that comes out of our general funds and is only administrated by the Social Security Administration.


it should not be confused with Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Social Security Old Age and Survivors benefits. (SS) for which people pay into these systems during their working years - the computation of benefits is based on contributions to the program and only age or disability is considered in the eligibility.


So are you really asking about a lawyer for SSI - Supplemental Security Income?

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I will like to get in touch with a SSI lawyer i need some help.

               Thank You