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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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I am curious if you  keep records about scam attempts on the pages of AARP discussion forums?  There for a while, there were many romance scammers working the pages of AARP discussion forums and sending PMs wanting to "get to know you better."  They've been quiet for some time now, but recently I've heard of an uptick in the numbers elsewhere, Facebook, for example.


I responded this morning to a poster on another thread here who seemed to have an urgent need for advice .  It looked legitimate, but the dates were off.  I decided it must have been a "phishing" attempt or an older poster with dementia.   I reinforced advice which had been previously given.  It was about Chase Bank.  What do you think?  Real or scam?

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Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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Spotted a scam?  Tell us about it.  Our scam-tracking map gives you information about the latest scams targeting people in your state.  You’ll also find first-hand accounts from scam-spotters who are sharing their experiences so you know how to protect yourself and your family. Go to the Scam-Taking Map>>

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