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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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I just recieved a call from "Eric" (heavy accent) who claimed my name was one of 1500 people chosen to receive $9000 grant from the US Federal Gov"t Grant Dept. It is a free drawing and people who have no criminal background and no bankruptcy.  He gave me a Grant Confirmation code and a call back phone # which I needed to write down both. He asked me how I would like to receive my money and he listed cash/check Walmart gift cards and other options but I couldn't understand what he said.


He started to verify name and address and that was when I hung up.  I just decided no more info. He didn't get to any account numbers or c/c#'s.



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Re: Computer scam

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I made the mistake of clicking on a story.  Within moments I had a full screen message from Microsoft that my computer had been shut down and I was instructed not to shut it down.   That message tipped me off that this was either an invasion or a scam.   I am glad this happen to my desk top computer and not on my laptop.   I pressed the reset button and the computer responded with the normal screen and the internet was off.   I use a software to clean all the cookies and other stuff and then shut the computer down.   I waited at least ten minutes before turning the computer on again.   I then ran a scan with the antivirus software and the computer was clean.    This procedure may not be approved but it worked.   Now I will install Windows 10 Pro as an upgrade from Windows 7 Professional.  

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Computer scam

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I got hooked into the scam where you get a big message on your computer screen allegedly from Microsoft saying your system is messed up and call the number on the screen. I was having problems with my computer so called the number. Some guy said he was with Microsoft and would fix my computer and for X dollars (I'm too ashamed to say how much) could set me up on a maintenance plan. I got suckered in!! I scanned and e mailed a check!! The good news is I woke up in the middle of the night and thought what have I done??? I went on line with my credit union and put a stop payment on the check! Thank god!! Got numerous calls from these bozos, 800 number of course, demanding money. I told them to put it all in writing -- that was the end of that! Called Microsoft who assured me they NEVER send messages like I got and that they get several calls every day from people like me. Close call!! Beware.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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I let my answering machine answer all my calls and just ignore the scammers.  I've gotten the IRS call many times and never replied.  I've decided to answer the next time and tell them to come and arrest me because when they send me to federal prison they'll have to provide medical care that I can't afford.  Sadly they haven't called in a while.  Probably have to wait until next tax season.


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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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There is a phone scam going around in Pa and I'm sure other states also.They call to tell you your warranty is getting ready to expire on your vehicle and you can extend it for x amount.Don't fall for this scam.They called and told my B-I-L that his 1986 vehicle warranty was running out ,oops ,caught.I'm also going to notify the FBI of this scam.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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On social media it had been advertised a "free $50 ghft card " from Lowes for Mothers Day!! People are terrible!!!

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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Invite all the FBI,IRS and similar types over to your house.  Just say your 3 German Shepherds don't like strangers.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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Everyone! There is someone here on facebook that is hacking accounts and messaging that a friend just won $100,000 and my name is next on the list. Then they send a link to contact them to get my money. Sounds like an email scam to me. I called the friend and they didn't know anything about it of course. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.! Be sure to block and report them.

Below is a copy of the messeges...


You're friends on Facebook
Tue 2:27am
How are you doing?
Tue 6:20am
Good morning Nancy. I am well. Hope u r too.
Tue 12:00pm
I'm doing fine and good,I was just wondering if you have heard about the good news?
What good news is that?
I'm so happy i got $100,000.00 from The
Department of health and human service,deliver to me by UPS at my door step.They are helping the old,retired,disabled,employed and unemployed in the society,do you get yours too from them?
Tue 3:36pm
No, the young 20 something, black couple just next door go .39 cents. I suppose that was supposed to be mine.
Tue 5:07pm
I believe you should have gotten your money by now because i saw your name when my money was deliver to me,are you sure you dont get any notification about it
Nancy called you.
Tuesday 5:10pm

Well congratulations on your new wealth. Nancy, I am less than decent for a video call.
Thanks.I guess what you have to do now is contact Daniel Robinson on his Facebook page now to get your money,that was who i also contacted for my money.do you know him ?
Sorry I do not know him.
Oh wait let me get you his page link to contact him now.
Anyway Nancy, I wanted to say that I had a wonderful time at the dance the other day. I didn't know you were such a good dancer.
This attachment could not be loaded.
Click on this link it will lead you to his page,add him up and message him that you want to know if your name still on the winners list.
I will check with him shortly. But I am headed out to the Log Cabin Meeting. Are you going to be there?
No,Let me know whatever you get from him. Best of luck
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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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A woman after my own heart!  Chloe...my big issue is phone calls that are unidentified and now I'm getting them on my cell phone.  If you're legitimate, you would identify yourself, leave a detailed message and not call several times a day!


Seriously, I don't answer calls that have no identification.  I allow it to go to message.  The caller must leave a detailed message explaining why he called in the first place and justify the reason why I should return the call.  Friends and relatives won't mind leaving a message.  Telemarketers usually won't because time is money and they must get onto the next call.  Scammers will just continue to call back until they decide you are a lost cause and skip tracers will continue to call and will resort to multiple out-of-state numbers to try to catch you off guard.  Do not answer...even if you are on the "Do Not Call" list they will call you.


I agree with you. Chloe.  If they really want to get in touch with you, they can send you a letter via the USPS, identify themselves and who they're working for and justify the reasons for trying to make contact with you!


"Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness." ~ Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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You just can't trust opening e-mails that seem odd. In just the last week, I've gotten emails from "my bank?", E-bay?, and Paypal? - I don't open any of them. I figure if any of these companies really want to talk to me for real, they know my mailing address.

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