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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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 Possibly the best cure-all is keep a handy whistle next to your phone.  "Hey, I was calling to scam this guy and he broke my ear drum."

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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This happened recently! A pop up on my computer said I had a virus and to call a number on the screen immediately. I did and the fellow said he was with Microsoft and proceeded to hard sell me on a product to protect all my devices. I'm embarrassed to say I fell for the pitch. Woke up at 3 am thinking oh my god, what have I done. Fortunately my credit union has on line access and I put a stop payment on the check I'd written. Called Microsoft in the morning and the tech said he got several calls every day regarding this particular scam, that Microsoft never communicates in this manner! Thank goodness I caught myself in time! Beware!! 

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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I didn't spot the scam. I was scammed!


It was a July 4th weekend and I was doing yard work. A white van pulled into my drive and a man with a chain offered to trim two of my huge trees for $200 cash. He had a young woman with him. I told them I'd go to the bank and get the cash. When I returned, the man was working on the first of the two trees. I offered the woman a soda while we waited. During this time, she told me about the man's anger management issues.


When he was done with the first tree, he said he was done and I owed him the $200. I said, "But you said you would do both trees." He became incredibly angry to the point where I was scared. He kept screaming, "Do you want me to leave my chain saw here as a promise I will come back?" I said, "Yes." That infuriated him. He and the young woman got in their van and drove away.


I had no contract, had no receipt, had half the job done, had all the limbs that he refused to take away, and didn't even think to get his license number. Scammed!

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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I was just told that a new scam is that the caller will say "can you hear me?" & if you answer yes, the yes reply is recorded with a different leadin  so you've agreed to whatever the answer is attached to. Hang up if this question is posed!

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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This happened to me today.  I was sceptical. Because the guy had a thick accent. He asked me to spell my last name to see it he had it spelled correctly. I started to but said if you. Are my case manager you already have it.He then tried to verify my address. I  would not tell him.He then said well tell me if whatI have is correctly.Then he gave an incorrect address. SNAG. I told him it must be the person who lives at that address who you are looking for I have never heard of that address before now.CLICK HE HUNG UP. Then I  spent hours trying in vain to report it to IRS. Block their number. Then call your phone service provider.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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Well, I’ve got to tell you who:

  1. The back brace that I asked for. I don't have a problem.
  2. Reduce my credit card interest rate.  No problem there.
  3. Home security.  Nope.
  4. Microsoft and a computer problem.  Nope.
  5. Miscellaneous donations.  DON'T DO THIS AT ALL!!! (I will explain later)

There is always something, but these 5 are the top of the list.

My general answers to any one of the above is to keep them on the phone for as long as I can. 

The credit card guy called today, and I had him for 30 minutes.  You need to give them the first 8 digits of your credit card (this is the issuing bank) then make up the final 8.  When he says that it doesn't work, I flop a couple of numbers and have him retry.  Indicated to him that I used it yesterday and it worked just fine. What fun.  They eventually hang up.  I love to keep these guys on as long as I can.  I pissed one of these guys off so much, that I got a **bleep** return call on my answering machine.  Sorry but I didn't save it, would have made a nice ringtone.

Computer guy tries to get you to allow him to get control of your computer.  Generally these guys speak broken english, so you can misspell stuff for a while.  Again, fun stuff.  Except for "eventvwr" NEVER type in what they say.  eventvwr is the event viewer on YOUR computer.  It shows all the errors, mostly printing and tracing stuff, my computer currently has over 1500 errors.  These are not a problem and are common errors.  Again, don't type anything they ask you besides "eventvwr".  NOT GOOD.  After a while, when I get bored with them, I ask them for my IP Address, and they immediately hang up.  Microsoft will never contact you.

The donations are the bad ones, they try and get you to commit to a sum, and if they record you, it may bind you to that donation.  I usually say "I don't do solicitations by phone, send me something."  Haven't received anything as of yet.

I'm a systems engineer who has recently retired.  I exercise and work around the house.  These phone calls are an annoyance, but I believe that payback are fun.

The worst one:

I've had a police man call about my wife being in an accident which was her fault.  They gave me the correct address of the hospital and police station.  As a little background, my wife travels to this alternate city every so often, so it got me!  They said that she was texting and hit some pregnant girl who is in critical care.  The sargent said that she was going to be arraigned and I need to send them $1500 for bail.  Luckily they called on my land line, so I called her on my cell phone.  She was at work, perfectly normal.  THIS ONE REALLY PISSED ME OFF.  I went off on the guy, he hung up.  I was shaken pretty much for the rest of the day.  What an **bleep**! This was the worst.


NEVER give infomation over the phone.  Even when I have been contacted by my credit card company, I will ask for the reason for the call, thank them, explain the fact that I am not going to give them any information and that "I will call THEM back" and hang up.

I will then get the credit card out and call the number on the back. 

Again, NEVER, NEVER give infomation over the phone.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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The biggest scam on Planet Earth at this time is occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Sometimes, that is. Other times you can find him at Miralago (SP?) Do not. I repeat, DO NOT believe anything he says. You will know he is scamming when his lips are moving.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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If I am near the phone and the caller ID shows a number that is not familiar, I will either let it ring until the my automatic voice answering kicks in and tells them to leave a message if the call is important. That usually results in no messages. Also, at times I will answer the phone saying (Name of a made up Company) and saying "How may I direct your call"??.....that so far has stopped whoever is calling immediately and the line goes dead. Calls to my number have been cut in half now for sure.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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There are so many scams out there I just stopped answering my phone if it was not a number that I am familiar with. My son in law was called by someone who said they were from the IRS I told him it was a scam because I had read about such scams on AARP so my son in law hung up on them. These people are very clever or so they think they called him several more times from different numbers. 


If these people used as much energy working a real job what a world this would be.

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Re: Spotted a scam? Tell us about it.

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Computer internet problems may be of our own making.   When you contact a computer service over the internet and then by phone you just put yourself in the trap.  Then they want permission to install software on your computer so they can "FIX" it.  They show your problem and they need your credit card for a minimal charge.   Now you set your self up for the "FIX" not your computer but YOU and your credit card.   Next they will have you sign the monitor on the line and you just signed a contract,  Little did you know that you may not be able to disable or uninstall the software they installed.   You will be called from area codes you do not recognize because they are coming from other countries.  They will tell you "Your computer has a problem and we need to "FIX" it.   What are they doing?   Copying your data and email addresses.    Sound impossible?   No!  It cost me months of time and money, change email accounts, financial accounts, passwords and loss of friends because of junk sent to them.    Trust only someone you know personally to help you.