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Re: Microsoft Windows Telephone Scam

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This scam and the other scam where the caller says they are from the Microsoft office and a virus has been detected on your computer and they can fix it..... these two scams have been around so long they have grey hair.


When I get a call from them, I play real real stupid and keep them on the line answering inane questions until they figure out that I am messing with them, they curse me out, and hang up on me.

These calls usually emanate from a particular country and it is interesting to hear curse words in another language.

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Microsoft Windows Telephone Scam

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I received a phone call indicating that the Microsoft Windows license on my computer had expired and that I needed to call to get it renewed.  The message indicated that Microsoft Windows had been shut down on my computer (which is not true).  I have verified through two different sources that this software has a perpetual license that does not require renewal.  I was provided with two different phone numbers to contact, but no company :  1-844-271-5745 and 1-844-661-5499.  I have not contacted either of these numbers and do not intend to.  I am providing this information so it can be available to others who may not be knowledgeable about technology.

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