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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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The Lifescript ad on AARP page is also a scam.SMH 

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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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Maybe not scammed but might be.


Ever receive  by  US mail those cards which offer some fabulous "governent" deal?


These cards have  most all our personal  information.  Must be the real thing,right?


 Just be sure a look at the very  bottom of these cards (or maybe a letter  with genuine looking letterhead).  There where the print is soooo  small, one needs several magnifying glasses to even see let alone read!


And those tiny letters tell us, not quoting, "no such animal."   And one sinks deeper and deeper all because "we did not read the 'fine print.'"


I have come close until I found out what that small print said.  Hope we all do not fall victim to yet another SCAM!


Thanks for this subject!




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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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Just remember, when it seems too good to be true that it is!!!

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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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The timing of this was great.  I just received an e-mail with the subject line "Get your exclusive Trump two dollar bill."  Needless to say, I deleted it without opening it.  I'm not making a political statement, it's just that it is obviously a scam.

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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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I am sooooo happy you used your store bought charge card I have one also this is the only way I make purchases on line.  Smart person keep it up/. 

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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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Great lesson my shell credit card got scammed after I put 30.00 dollars tuned in 65. after that I got a fake email that turned out to be bogus site,

sent that to the fraud department and ended well.

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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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What do you think of the extra fees colleges charge in addition to their already high tuition?  They need to be investigated when admins get more money tha the professors.  Recently NYU was investigated and junk fees were added that amounted to over $5000 and showed that CEOs were making millions and living in luxury in condos with heated floors, marble bathrooms, etc. while these kids struggle to repay debt.  Also women are joining The Sugar  Baby University online to repay college debt.  The schools are getting billions in endowments while as a nonprofit don't pay taxes.   Trump should start making them pay not squeezing money out of kids who are dropping out bc they can't afford the high cost of a college education.  The kids are being SCAMMED!!!  Bernie where are you now??

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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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I honestly feel this pain...



Great and thank you for acknowleding from the outset this was not "Coach outlet" address/site.


You successfully filed dispute and appears you won. Congrats on that!


Thanks for sharing. Re-iterate the point that check for bonified site (always check, including affiliation(s) e.g., Coach = Coachoutlet vs





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Re: I Got Scammed!!

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What price were these Coach bags?

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I Got Scammed!!

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Hello Community,


Still recovering from my Laminectomy Surgery and felt a little bored.  Ladies I

miss shopping and buying Clearance Sales.  Looking on line and saw a

clearance for "Coach Bags" . I really like Coach bags and have several.  Now to

see the clearance on a $350 dollar Bag was a good deal. So, I used my pre-paid Visa card ( the only one I use on line to make purchases). Made the transaction and redailed the number with no reply. Went back on line and called Coach headquarters and was told that "Coach" does not have clearances for the price shown, and that this was a Scam. My money was taken out immediately, no address , phone number, or contact was given up front. Now, I'm angry!  I contacted Visa (had card blocked and reissuring new card in  5-7 days). Then, I contacted the BBB and filed a claim ( investigation is on going). I also filed a Dispute claim with Visa.  I really learned my lesson!! I later got an E-mail from

China stating that they sent my Leather Coach Bag to my address via UPS.

Well, 2 weeks later a Plastic Faux Coach arrived without an invoice, address or way to return for a Refund.  Visa is handling this and hopefully I will get my money back.  

So ladies, sometimes a "deal is not a deal" even when it has "Coach" stamped

outside and inside the items.

I will never, never, order anything that I can not return or can not talk to a

person directly. My Lesson Learned while Recovering!!!!!