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Re: changes your credit card information to make unauthorized charges

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I have never heard of such a thing.


What type of credit card did you use when you purchased the 2015 membership? Are you saying they changed the expiration date on your Visa or Mastercard?


Did you purchase your membership online or by telephone.


We have purchased Ancestry's memberships off and on for years and never have they forced us to accept their auto-renewal policy.


You can order a membership by telephone and instruct them that you DO NOT want auto-renewal. They will start your subscription but they will also send you a cancellation notice for the same subscription, at the same time, showing the date of the subscription's end. But, you have to make it very, very, very clear to the Customer Associate that you DO NOT want auto-renewal.

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Conversationalist changes your credit card information to make unauthorized charges

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For years, I have been purchasing a membership to for my mother. 2015 was the last year I had planned to do this. Because does not let you be a member unless you accept their auto renewal policy and provide a credit card for the account, I knew that I had to make sure my card would not be charged.  When I purchased the 2015 membership, I used a card which was due to expire in September 2015.


Going into the 2016 membership year, I was confident that the membership ($300) would not auto-renew as my credit card on record had expired. Imagine my shock when I found that ANCESTRY CHANGED THE EXPIRATION DATE on my card and processed the renewal anyway. And apparently they are allowed to do this. 


This must be stopped! What protection do we have against this unethical violation? AARP leaders, can you investigate?

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