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Re: Staying and feeling young through music

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I am in a Community Band, a Handbell Choir, and a Chancel Choir.

I do CardioDancing 3 days a week, and listen to music day and evening.

It makes me feel young, and helps with difficult times.

Rusty Merrill

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Re: Staying and feeling young through music

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   Every since that day back in 1968 when my teacher asked, "Who would like to learn to play music?"  I have had the pleasure of not just listening to and enjoying good music, but enjoying the blesed ability to play and teach music.  It was no surprise to my 6th grade teacher when I was the first out of the door since I got in trouble mostly for playing drums on the school desks and trying to impress the pretty girls by singing.

   I commute daily over 100 miles listening to and enjoying good music.  I have also been blessed with the opportunity to play in an R&B/Old School/Soul Beach Music band as a Baritone, Tenor and Alto Saxophonist and Bass singer in the  Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band here in North carolina!   Believe me performing in that band keeps me focused on attempting to stay in shape as we are an energetic group that constantly moves.   I have played in several bands since the age of 14 and I probably won't stop until I'm unable to do it.  I'll be 60 in February, (I feel like I'm 30) but music, this band, the three Church choirs I am in, hopefully, will lead to a long full life through...100 (God willing!)


Fred C.




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Re: Staying and feeling young through music

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I have a set of Bluetooth headphones on basically from the time I wake up till you go to bed. On my external hard (3 tb) I have about 1 tb of music. Music from jazz, blues, classical, classic rock, alternative, heavy metal and anything else you can think of. I live and breathe on music 🎶.
Chuck W.
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Re: Staying and feeling young through music

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I find listening to music relieves stress and allows you to dream.  I love all genres of music.  I've battled some serious illnesses.  Music helped me to relax and heal.  Some seniors only listen to "old" music from the 40's to 50's.  I like it all. 

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Staying and feeling young through music

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I find if I think about and teach music throughout the day it keeps me feeling young and sharp. The strangest thing is I need glasses to read words but when it comes to music notes i'm good! I do have pain in my hands and knees but when I'm teaching marching and Rudimental drumming the pain goes away. It's all good! Thank you music for staying and being a big part of my life!

Lorenzo Larry alvarez