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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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When I look through family albums, I am struck by the number of pictures there are of my generation of cousins dressed in Easter finery!  Some have us posing with Easter baskets.  We lived in the state where my father's family was raised and most of my childhood memories of holidays center around his extended family.  All of us would gather for dinner at my grandparents' home following church.  My great-grandmother was still alive at the time, so we had four generations represented.  


Before dinner, the grown-ups would arrange a grand Easter egg hunt and we'd all scurry off to fill our baskets with colored eggs.  It could get messy as little ones would find and drop eggs, sometimes accidentally stepping on one or two, tipping over baskets and occasionally breaking out into a wail when an older cousin spotted "their" egg...meaning one they wanted to pick up but hadn't yet gotten to it!  Pandemonium!  


This was before the advent of plastic container-style eggs and foil-wrapped chocolate ones.  The kids had a lot of fun running around and the parents had their "Kodak moment!"  The younger children would be fed early and put down for a nap (they needed it!) and the rest of the crew would sit down for the traditional ham, potato salad and spring vegetables.  When dinner was over, we'd play board games, watch TV, and just chat.  Later, we'd snack on ham sandwiches and leftover desserts before heading home.


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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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Another fond memory I have, is of warm weather trips to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden & adjacent Prospect Park Zoo. We'd always make a trip at Passover, if the weather was good, bringing a picnic lunch with us (couldn't eat out Passover). I'd always try to leave something over, that I'd try to feed the animals .. like a piece of roast chicken for the lions! The Brooklyn Museum .. which has a large Egyptology collection .. was also right nearby, but after the zoo & all that fresh air, we'd be too exhausted for that as well.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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One year Dad bought a family pass to the Field Museum of Natural History. We wore that pass out! I was enamored by the Egyptian Room and the Early America Room and divided my time between the two.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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I loved singing and dancing from a very early age and we lived across the street from a neighborhood movie theater.  Since my mother also enjoyed musicals we went to see all the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers, Nelson Eddy/Jeanette McDonald, Shirley Temple, etc. movies that they showed sometimes in the afternoon.  Needless to say, I was very familiar with that theater.


When I was 5 I was in my first dance class.  When it came time for the recital we were told it would be held at the Fox in downtown Atlanta.  For those of you unfamiliar with it you can check it out on-line, but suffice to say I was expecting it to be like the Madison across the street.  So there I was on the stage with all the other little girls and boys.  I was wearing my little pink pinafore and my black tap shoes and I happened to look up.  The interior of the Fox looks like it's a castle under the night sky complete with twinkling stars and whispy clouds.  All I remember is my teacher and my mother calling to me.  "Dance, Patricia!  You are supposed to dance."


To this day I'm completely mesmerized by that sky.

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Fondest Childhood Memories?

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What are your fondest childhood memories doing things with parents or other family members?



I thought of this topic the other day, when a friend asked how I fell in love with opera. My Mom loved music & theater, and she took me to the opera, ballet & Broadway shows regularly. Her company did work for the Metropolitan Opera House (old one) in Manhattan, and we'd get good seats up front. Mom always teased me about an incident at the ballet, when we had seats in the 1st box, and I asked in that little kid voice, "Why does that man have make-up on?" .. and she was sure they heard it on stage! Smiley Happy She also had a friend who sang with a local opera company, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and we got to go backstage during intermission of "Aida"; I was shocked that without the wig, Ethiopian princess Aida had flaming red hair!

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