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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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@gloriacorbit  What a moving childhood memory!  Thank your for sharing!

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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My fondest childhood memory of my dad.  Seven kids in our family and my dad at times worked 3 jobs.  He would walk home from work, pick up a sack lunch and head out to a night time part time job at the gas station.


My dad carried a black lunch box to his regular job.  Every day after he ate his lunch he put a coin in (penny or nickle and maybe sometimes a dime).  It wasn't much, but the first child to meet him at the corner of our block got the money in his lunch box.


When I think about that it brings tears to my eyes because it meant he really wanted to see his kids when he got home from work and that was his way of insuring that he would.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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For the first time in several years my best friend was in my 5th grade class.  Being together so much we decided we were actually twins and even had our teacher refer to us by our "twin" names.  We talked our mothers, both of whom made most of our clothes, to make us jumpers out of the same fabric.


At the same time Dick Van Dyke had an afternoon talk/variety show in Atlanta and we heard he was having a "Bunny Hop" contest.  We decided to enter and we made up a little dance and after school one day we got on the city bus instead of the school bus and headed downtown after telling our parents we were each going home with the other.  We were chosen for the broadcast the following week so we did the same thing again.  We wore our look-alike clothes and gave them our twin names.


For some reason it didn't enter our 10-year old minds that our mothers watched that show in the afternoon too and that's when they found out we were not where we were supposed to be and they were not at all happy with us.  I'm not certain if they were more unhappy about our going to downtown without permission or that we had not given our real names.  We didn't think they would let us go back for the finals but they finally consented and this time they went with us.  We had to promise to clear up the confusion about our names.


Dick Van Dyke had a female co-host and we found her in the rest room before the show and we made our great confession.  She assured us it would be OK and she would pass the word on.  Now I realize she did it before the show, but it seemed she told him on camera after we did our little dance.  He went into a whole little "shock and awe" bit after hearing the news and pretended to disbelieve the news.  To prove that we were actually twins he pulled out a chair and had each of us sit on his knee while he counted our freckles.  In the end he was convinced we weren't twins after all since my bff had two more freckles than I did.


We didn't win the contest but ended up with a really great experience that I think about each time I see him in a movie or on TV.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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This is more of a teenage memory than a childhood memory. In 1964, I attended a World Series game at Yankee Stadium. It was a great, special day I will always cherish.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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I actually have so many fond childhood memories, it would be disrespectful to try to describe one of which it could be said to be my most fond.


But . . .


When I was five years old, my Dad was accepted to a chef school in France; although we lived in Germany at the time.


We took him to his school in a VW bug, and I got to ride behind the backseat in the little luggage well.


Hey - I was five! Ha!

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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Childhood memories.  Huh!  I threw away my childhood pictures.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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I remember that gorilla as well. His name was Phil!
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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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Billy Crystal had in right when he talked about the first time he went to yankee stadium. The altar boys at my church were taken to a double header one summer when after walking through the dark cavernous tunnels that led to your seat, the first thing that hit you was how green the grass was on the field, nothing like any lawn I've ever seen in the suburbs. And looking up at all of the championship banners and trying to determine where the gaps were, they had won so many, an image I'll never forget.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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When I was about 11 years old my folks took the kids down to New York City and the highlight of the trip was going up the Empire State Building. While walking along the observation deck. I came across a crack across the tiles and thought to myself, " here I am walking on the spot where King Kong bounced after he was shot off the tower!" Little did I know at the time that it was all movie magic. Was still a great memory thinking it was possible.

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Re: Fondest Childhood Memories?

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Being put on restriction! No phone, no TV. Banned to my bedroom where I could read all the books I wanted without my brother bothering me. YES!!!