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Re: Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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Currently, my son and live in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, a suburb that is nothing like the city. I go to doctors and do major food shopping over the border. One day I had to go up and get a stress test, where radioactive dye was injected, after which a letter is supposed to be supplied for TSA at airports, etc. However, it wasn't, and I didn't know enough to ask for one. The next day, my son and I were in line at the border, and an agent came over with a hand-held meter in his hand, telling us to go for secondary inspection. We had registered a 5. My son asked what's a 5. Radioactivity.  We had to be escorted to another area by guys carrying guns, and a Geiger counter was run over us, while I showed the bruise in my arm, trying to convince them we weren't carrying the makings of a bomb into the country. I was the only one showing the reading. As my son said, after they let us go, "You just can't make this stuff up."


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Re: Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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I don't know about 'crazy', just unexpected.......


Senior Sex a Public Problem in Ariz. Community - ABC News


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Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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Did you hear about the couple 52 and 51 who tried to recreate the Dirty Dancy move and both ended up unconscious?  Do you have crazy stories to share with others here?