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Re: A Short Guilt Trip

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That's OK--Trump steals billions without any guilt feelings.
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Re: Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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When I was pregnant with my twins, I stopped by the grocery store in September - they were due in December.  The young guy who carried out my groceries (back when they did that!), said something about it being any day now.  I replied that I had 3 months to go and at the look he gave me, explained that I was having twins (I was HUGE!!). He thought for a minute and asked 'Oh, does it take longer to have twins?'  I had to explain that no, you just get bigger.  I laughed all the way home thinking that this poor guy thought I couldn't have possibly gotten that big in 6 months and was going to be pregnant for 18 months like an elephant!

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Re: A Short Guilt Trip

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Somehow that reminded me of when my kids were little. They both had larceny in their little souls--once. Saw a candy bar in my about 3-year-old daughter's hand as we exited a store. Walked her back in and told the cashier my daughter forgot to pay for this. She never forgot the embarrassment. Enter my son several years later, about the same age. Except he ate some of the evidence before I noticed. The manager gave him a little broom and put him to sweeping behind the cash register for a few minutes to "pay" for the candy he'd taken. Mean mother, maybe. Object lesson, yes. As far as I know, they never stole again.

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A Short Guilt Trip

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Sometimes, when I shop at Walmart, I notice items on my receipt that were higher priced than marked, listed on shelf, and/or labeled on display.


Last week, I saw a Coke and Canada Dry display with twelve packs on sale for $3.33 in the wide isle that separates the grocery and merchandise sections... great deal, right?


At the self check-out isle, my 2 twelve packs of Coke registered as $3.50 each.  A Walmart associate tried to make the correction and I saw her void the $3.50s and manually input $3.33s, then I totaled out when I noticed my receipt had the $3.50s and the $3.33s along with deposits and taxes came a much higher total than expected ($17.34 for the 2 twelve packs).  I told her about the error, but she said she couldn't do anything now that the transaction was complete.  She directed me to the customer service desk where I explained everything while pointing at the display that was 50 yards away.  I could barely see it, but you could tell the Coke colors as well as the huge 12 inch tall numbers for the price on top of the display.  At this point, I had spoken to three associates.  None of them questioned or verified the price of the product, but finally managed to refund the overage to my bank.


This morning, I went back to get a few things.  As I walked by that same display, I saw the very large $3.33.  When I walked by it in the opposite direction, I noticed a huge $3.50.  My misunderstanding was that both products were the same price since they were stacked together in a big pile when, in fact, Coke was $3.50 and Canada Dry was $3.33.  I suspect the display stock person was being lazy to do it that way.  They certainly didn't need to conserve on space, the store is enormous.


I'm frugal, but honest (boyscout and army veteran).  I saw a supervisor on my way out and told her I owed the store some money.  When I asked how I can pay back the $0.34, she said they don't really have a way to do that.  Since I eventually noticed it was my error and immediately tried to rectify it, my guilt only lasted a few minutes.

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Re: Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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You know how folks who have gardens can't give away zuchini?  Would you beleive some one actual stole a zuchicni?  Yup, it really happened.  I make my hamburger relish with zuchini instead of cucumber.  Once all the stuff is in it, you can't tell the difference.  I didn't have a garden but a friend of mine did.  She told me she had a huge zuchini that had grown on the side of a hill where she couldn't get to it, so it grew quite large.  It was too big for just her and her husband and I told her I'd take it.  The next day I was working at a Dairy Queen, decorating ice cream cakes. I'd go there early in the morning before anyone got there.  I was in the cellar when she knocked at the door.  I didn't hear her, so she left the huge Zuchini outside the door on a milk crate. I didn't see it when i left and no one said anything, so I forgot about it.  The next time we worked together, she asked me if I found the huge Zuchicni she left me.  i told her I hadn't seen it.  i called DQ and no one knew anything about it.  To this day , we all have a good laugh about the stolen Zuchini.

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End of the Rainbow

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About 20 years ago I was an "Owner Operator" of my own Tractor-trailer rig.  I always had my Bible laying on the dashboard. As I drove west on Highway 80, there were nurmous storms south of me.  I saw double and triple rainbows.  When I turned south I saw a rainbow in the distance.  It looked as if I would drive very near the end of it.  As it turned out, the rainbow end was in the road in front of me.  As I drove through it, I could see it come right through my windshield and shine on my Bible.  How good is that?

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Re: Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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Currently, my son and live in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, a suburb that is nothing like the city. I go to doctors and do major food shopping over the border. One day I had to go up and get a stress test, where radioactive dye was injected, after which a letter is supposed to be supplied for TSA at airports, etc. However, it wasn't, and I didn't know enough to ask for one. The next day, my son and I were in line at the border, and an agent came over with a hand-held meter in his hand, telling us to go for secondary inspection. We had registered a 5. My son asked what's a 5. Radioactivity.  We had to be escorted to another area by guys carrying guns, and a Geiger counter was run over us, while I showed the bruise in my arm, trying to convince them we weren't carrying the makings of a bomb into the country. I was the only one showing the reading. As my son said, after they let us go, "You just can't make this stuff up."


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Re: Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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I don't know about 'crazy', just unexpected.......


Senior Sex a Public Problem in Ariz. Community - ABC News


Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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Crazy stories, you cannot just make up!

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Did you hear about the couple 52 and 51 who tried to recreate the Dirty Dancy move and both ended up unconscious?  Do you have crazy stories to share with others here?