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Re: "Okay To Be White" Sign Is "Threatening."

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It's just a variation of .... "I'm OK and you're OK"
anything else I might be,
there's always room for improvement. We are all created equal, but some choose to be better.

Hate is not a Christian virtue, neither is liberal sanctimony
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Re: "Okay To Be White" Sign Is "Threatening."

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People distributed these in one of our high schools.  I feel badly for the people who distributed them.  It must really suck to be so insecure.  

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Re: "Okay To Be White" Sign Is "Threatening."

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It's ok to be white?   Of course...


It's not a choice - merely the result of a recessive genetic mutation, and many many generations of inbreeding...  




Have pity for Melania - she wakes up with a jerk every morning
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"Okay To Be White" Sign Is "Threatening."

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"Signs that simply say "it's okay to be white" have been posted at high schools, college campuses, and neighborhoods across the country, and liberals are losing their minds.


Media reports on the signs have been endless; at least one school department has, incredibly, launched an "investigation" into the activity. As one college student put it, the piece of paper that says "it's okay to be white" feels "threatening."


The signs do, however, seem to have been a coordinated effort, originating after an incident at Boston College in October in which hysterical mass-outrage ensued over a sign that said "don't apologize for being white." Some 4chan users launched a campaign to post "it's okay to be white signs" to "trigger" liberals in the same manner the simple sign at BC had. There's now even a website called where the sign can be printed."

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