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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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You can't underestimate the influence of corporate lobbyists.


From Elizabeth Warren's book "A Fighting Chance" page 149 (soft cover):


"As summer wore on, the hallways got more and more crowded with lobbyists - I mean that literally. The halls in Congress are wide and gracious, yet Dan and I would often have to step to the side with our backs against the wall while a herd of bank lobbyists thundered down the corridor. They were easy to spot: a group of a dozen or more men, and maybe one or two women in the mix, all wearing custom-tailored suits. They walked with a bounce in their step as they spoke with great assurance about their 'counts' and which member of Congress was next on their list. Well dressed. Well coordinated. Well connected."

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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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I see that Susan Collins did vote against repealing ObamaCare in 2015. I guess the lobbyists only had to make one trip to her office to make certain she will be voting "no" again.


I just heard now that three Republicans have come out against repealing ObamaCare. I wonder how many trips to their offices by the insurance lobbyists.


Mike Lee (UT), Jerry Moran (KS) and Shelley Moore Capito (W. VA) all voted to repeal ObamaCare in 2015 but now have flipped...


Here's the list...



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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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             Susan Collins is one of the very few republicans , who cares more about her people than the wealthy donors who control the GOP. When are enough voters going to wake up to today's far right Plutocrats ?

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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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It appears the health insurance lobbyists got to her. Remember, they only had to get a couple of Republican Senators to flip from the party majority.

Her reason, or excuse for opposing the Bill is as good as any. I happen to agree with her stated reason.

Now it's on to the repeal of Obama Care. The insurance lobbyists and their money are ready to fight against a complete repeal.

If ObamaCare is repealed, look for Medicare for All to gain traction. The insurance industry will do whatever in their power to see to it that it will never happen.

As far as a "Public Option" being added to the ACA, it won't happen until Dems get a very large majority in both branches of Congress and they'll need many true progressives. Otherwise, lobbyists will get enough Dems to flip. 

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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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retiredtraveler wrote:

I'm with Gail. I'm a large supporter of states rights, and their responsibility to handle these programs.


"...and because my State doesn;t have the ability to look broadly across the Country to find out what is working and what isn;t - where when why and how the Major Inefficiencies arise and what has been successful in remediation....".


   Why not? Of course your state has the ability to look at other programs. There is absolutely no reason states can't talk to one another and discuss programs that do, or don't work, for them.


Why Not?


1. Because Personal Healthcare Information is - Private & Confidential


2. Who is going to provide the Information on what works & what doesn;t - The Health Insurance Companies?


3. Today we get Health Insurance & the Status of American Medical Care Statisitcs & Demographics From Agencies in the Federal Government - the same agencies Trump has proposed in his First Budget to either completely eliminate of defund to the point of making them irrelevant


How is a small state like NH going to take on just one of these tasks currently being provided by the Federal Governemnt and one as complicated & closely held as Health Insurance?


A. Centers For Disease Control

B. The Census Bureau

C. US National Library of Medicine

D. Natonal Institute of Health

E. Dept. of Health & Human Services



4.. Health Insurance as Conservatives are so fond of promoting - is a commodity - not a right


5. Health Insurance Companies are For Profit Corporations regardless of what their Tax Status


6. What for Profit Corporation is going to give away the Secrets to their Highest Profits Strategem


7. Today we have 49 States Refusing to give the Federal Government their Citizens Already Publicly Available Voter Registration Information - WHY - mostly because it costs States Money to pay people to compile Voter Registration Information from the thousands of Voting Districts much of which has to be done manually


This is just on Already Publicly Avialable Voter Registration - How do you think the other States are going to react when little NH comes calling and says - we need all your Citizerns Medical Information and all your in-state Private Health Insuarance Companies Infomation?



8. My State has no Income Tax & No Sales Tax and I and my fellow NH Citizens - Like it That Way - We Don't have Mass Transit or a Huge International Airport or Dozens of Free State Services - Museums & Libraries Etc. - So a National Strategy to Dump What has Traditionally been the Roles & Responsibility of the Federal Government onto a Small Rural State Like NH is Un-American


9. Again, 


"I just beleive things are Done Better When Done At The Local Level - that's a Crock"


You like things done at the Local Level unless the Majority of Local Citizens and Voters at the Local Level are Majority Progressive and then things like Law Enforcement with regard to Opiod Treatment & Prevention - All Drug Treat & Prevention - Sanctuary Cities/Immigration & Marjuana Laws & Planned Parenthood Etc - are more appropriately Enforced by the Federal Government............................................


".....Again, most reasonable people look at this Healthcare Issue and conclude - The USA has the beginnings of a National Healthcare Insurance Program just like every other Civilized -Industrialized Nation on the Planet.....".


    No other country on earth is like the U.S. We have one of the largest land masses. We have one of the larger and diverse populations. A great many countries don't have near the population that any  one of our smaller states do. The entire UK has only a fifth of the US population. You can take 8 of the western European countries (minus UK) and only have a third of our population. And those countries are very disparate. We have a constitution that was written with states rights in mind.

   The feds can't solve this for 50, disparate states.


Yes We Agree - No Other Country On Earth is Like The United States & there are Major Reasons This is So - and they have nothing to do with the issues your cite..................


We are a United States - a Contitutional Republic...................Not a European Union with a bunch of Seperate Disperate Countries with Different Languages Cultures & Societies - Simply Co-Joined by some unenforceable Contract - and most Reasonable Americans understand - divide & conquer is the Republican Strategy where only the Super States can thrive excell and defend themselves...................NH is already one of the most Independent States in the Country - National Healthcare or Quasi-Control & Support from the Federal Government is not one of the things that disrupts that Independence 




( " Eat Tic Tacs - Grope Woman - Become President " ) " - Anonymous

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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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Spot on Al and Atlantic !!!

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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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Here's a great read on the subject, by Norm Ornstein, author, and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. He has been around politics in DC since 1969 and is dismayed at the BRCA because the development of the Republican health-care bill offers a troubling picture of our legislative system.


"...what emerges is a truly disturbing picture of a failed legislative process built on a deep distortion of representative democracy. A thoroughly partisan, ill-conceived and ill-considered bill, slapped together without the input of experts or stakeholders, done not to improve the health care system but to aid plutocrats, crafted in a fashion that will hurt millions and millions of Americans, by lawmakers doing whatever they can to avoid interacting with their own constituents."



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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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Thank GOD we have a few moderate Republicans , who dont only listen to the Billionaires controlling most of their party !!! I love hearing our Far Right posters trying to defend this attempt to crush Medicaid and therefore over burden every State Gov't.


There , but for the grace of GOD , go I !!!

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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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GailL1 wrote:

To answer both mickstuder and john258


Medicaid is already supposedly ran by each state.  Each state can submit a program waiver to modify their specific Medicaid programs to the way they want it to work.  


The DOJ just arrested 412 people for Medicaid fraud last week - $1.3 BILLION in fraud.  Take your pick of the source you want to read.

KHN 07/14/2017 - 412 Charged in DOJ's LARGEST EVER Health Care Fraud Takedown


IMO, since the state's programs are ran by them, they need to do a better job of policing it and if it was just their money, block grant from Feds, they would do a much better job of watching and taking action.


They would also watch their programs waivers to see if they are the best place to utilize their funds.


The GAO, the auditing arm of our government, recently released their 2017 report on Medicaid and they have labeled it as "High Risk".


GAO - High Risk - Medicaid 2017 Report


I would imagine that if more state funds have to be used for a state's Medicaid programs, states would focus more on the historical populations to be covered and at the coverage mandated by federal law rather than trying to do more.


 States have several ways they can assure their programs are working for the folks they cover.  They are in the position to make sure their waiver programs are working, make sure that they have enough providers and use creative ways to contain cost for this ever increasing entitlement.


USNews - New Mexico Considering Changes to Medicaid Program


Positive ways to save and still cover the population which they want to cover in the programs of Medicaid can be shared with other states.


I'm just a believer in getting programs like this, closer to the people at the state level.









Yes medicaid is run by each state, and that is good unless you have a far right Reb. Gov who will then do everything they can to kill it. As we heard from a GA Govenoner some time ago. Let them die in the streets. For that reason we have approval need from DC for state programs. Fraud has and is present in all areas of the health system. It is in the Govt. run areas where it is gone after better and you read about that. Only people who do not know the system and rely on news information think otherwise. A state does  not have to imagine  anything as they are in the real world with the exception of the far right Reb. ones who would not even expand the program. It seems strange that you hear so often from people who live in States who have a really messed up program on what we need to do. Could be they are reading to many articles from never never land, and have left the reality of what is really going on. NM has been making changes to its program every year now for years, and it works. Your article is a bad one as it tells one nothing except they are looking at improvement. In the real world we know that. Now when one thinks that that the program should be closer to the people the first thing you have to do is have a program and that is something GA lacks. You would think the people in that state would get a program that works before telling others who have programs that work what to do. That is the difference from never never land, and the real world.

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Re: Susan Collins (R-Maine) on BRCA

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   The State run Medicaid is only acceptable if you are one of those who are in the same political group as the State Gov't.     Here in TX, Medicaid sucks.    The Far Right "leaders" hate women and minorities, so they design policies that will disenfranchise those people.     For a child to qualify for benefits the income level of the family must be less than $15,857, which is $7.62/hour.   


    Someone here is blowing smoke as a distraction to how ending ACA and substitute BRCA will leave a lot more children and low income without healthcare and that ignores that if the BRCA adopts the option of Block Grants, that can reduce food and healthcare benefits to low income family and children even more.


    Like I have said, the GOP are demanding Genocide for specific groups.

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