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Re: Persistent Pattern

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cn5621 wrote:
This photo makes me thank of "Hand in the cookie jar."

McConnell is a sleaze who has had his 'hand in the cookie jar' during most of his tenure in the Senate.  He ran for years on being able to "bring home the bacon". Good old fashioned 'pork', the name has been changed to 'earmarks', more easily digested.

"The only thing man learns from history is man learns nothing from history"
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Re: Persistent Pattern

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This photo makes me thank of "Hand in the cookie jar."
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Re: Persistent Pattern

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Republicans care not a whit what 65% of Americans want - they must give total allegience to the alt-Right Lunitic fringe that ALWAYS votes in the primaries.


That pernicious 5% of Americans have taken control of the GOP and demand their Lemontop Loser deliver all the hate filled legislation he promised.

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Re: Persistent Pattern

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   Will the Republicans continue to lie about their proposed legislation?    If so, they will all have to face voters who have told all pollsters in poll after poll that they want to keep ACA Healthcare provisions that the Republicans are hell-bent on destroying.

     Price, the HHS, is recommending that the Country should roll-back healthcare to days before millions of people gained access to Healthcare Insurance via ACA, roll back healthcare to the days when having a pre-existing condition could be the reason that healthcare insurance companies could deny access to healthcare insurance.

     Polling by WAPO is interesting, but to comprehend the data, one has to take the time to comprehend the information in the crosstabs:



The Post poll asked: “On health care, which of these do you think is more important for the federal government to do: provide health care coverage for low-income Americans, or cut taxes?”

Americans overall picked providing health coverage to low-income Americans by 63 percent to 27 percent. And according to the crosstabs, pretty much every Trump-friendly demographic agrees:



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Persistent Pattern

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The GOP's Persistent Pattern Of Breaking The Rules To Enact Its Agenda


Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

When you look at them together, there's no doubt that the Trump White House and GOP Congress are showing a consistent and dangerous pattern of going aroun...


Rules are for the peons.