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Re: Dems Lack of Competence Evident W/Gorsuch

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I for one do not think it's in my children's & grandchildren's best interests to live their lives under decisions influenced by a man like Gorsuch.  And God knows how many other future conservative judges.  After all if the GOP gets away with theft of this voters' privilege this time, they'll do it over and over again.


"Elections have consequences. And among the consequences of being elected president is gaining the right, under Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution to “nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, . . . appoint . . . judges of the Supreme Court . . .”

Accordingly, if Trump wanted to name a judge, like Gorsuch—a nominee of high intellectual caliber and proven judicial performance—it would be his prerogative, assuming the Senate was willing to consent to someone whose views were to the far right of those held by most Americans.


Unfortunately, though, the Republicans decided to read that provision out of the Constitution last year."

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Re: Dems Lack of Competence Evident W/Gorsuch

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Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but it sounds like you support the parties being totally partisan and doing what's best for the party vs. what's best for the country.  Is that correct?

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Dems Lack of Competence Evident W/Gorsuch

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The Incompetence in the Leadership of Democratic Party is Once Again Evident in their inability to mount any kind of a Joint Consistent Effective Coherent Competent Strategy for at least mounting a Reasonable Defense against the Nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court


Obviously, they don;t have the votes to prevent Gorsuch from being confirmed but they aren;t even attempting to show unity regarding the Political Ideology they are supposed to represent


1. Democrat Senator Michael Bennet Colorado is going to introduce Gorsuch to the Senate as the Supreme Court Nominee


2. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin West Virginia has stated publicly that he most likely will vote for the Gorsuch nomination


3. Even Democratic Senator and Anti-Conservative Firebrand - Senator Warren Massachusetts is on the Fence about her vote


This is just one more example of why we Progressives don;t have a Chance - Washington Politicians only care about their own futures and they certainly won;t put their Congressional Positions on the Line for any Democratic Principles


The Dems could have at least Organized a All Hands on Deck Strategy - Gorsuch - If Confirmed will be the youngest Supreme Court Justice on the Court at 49 years old and Trump will most likely have another pick in his first 4 years - the Supreme Court is going to influenced by Donald Trump for the next 40 years anyway and the Dems can't even develop a Talking Point for those 40 years to explain to their constituents who haven't even been born yet - why they didn;t try harder to prevent this from happening


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