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219 People Shot & Killed by Police so far in 2017

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Fatal Force - 219 people have now been shot and killed by police so far in 2017. This database at the link below is based on news reports, public records, social media and other sources. Read about our methodology.




2017 database



Complete 2016 database at:



Complete 2015 database at:



The greatest country in the history of the world should be able to and must, do better!


We should be supporting body camera's on all law enforcement personnel while engaging a "suspect".  We must demand more training on dealing with the mentally ill and de-escalating potentially violent situations.  Shooting a suspect in the back should not be tolerated.  Shooting someone because, "I thought they had a weapon" should not be an acceptable excuse.  "Fearing for one's life" while 3 or more law enforcement officers have their guns trained on an unarmed, or lightly armed (knife, stick, rock, Bible) suspect should not be tolerated.


Most agree that if a suspect is shooting at law enforcement personnel or others, it's reasonable to shoot the suspect, but in far too many cases, "shooting first and asking questions later" is not warranted or appropriate in a civilized society.  Getting the suspect in front of a judge must be a higher priority.

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