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loss of long time poster on Front Porch

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I'm sorry to inform all here on The Front Porch a long time poster of this group,Margaret Townsend died yesterday,she was 76. I was informed about this sad news this morning from another poster,who also stayed in contact with her.I had talked to Margaret last Fri,she sounded very weak,told me she was terminally ill,no hope of getting better.

I remember when I first joined AARP website in '12,she and Dave warmly welcomed me to the"Front POrch when it was still a private group.I'll miss reading her posts especially about the dogs,Rosie and Daisy.

You can google'Margaret Townsend,Norfolk,VA" to read the obit.{I couldn't find it}

I know she is survived by 2 sons,Buddy  who lived with her,don't know the name of her other son. If you want to send him a symapthy card,send me a private message,I'll give you the address.

I'll miss Margaret  Sue


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