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Re: So where are you from?

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I'm 99.9% northern European, a 4th generation American Scot with some Irish/French Canadian thrown in and a few sprinkles of Basque and Canadian Algonquin added for effect. My ancestors go back in Scotland to the beginning of records and thus include the French, Germans, Scandanavians, Russians and Vikings. One side came over directly to the US; the other side landed in Canada and ranched there for a few hundred years. There's actually a huge cemetery in Canada just for my ancestors.


As for the 100% northern European (Read as Brit as we get) hubster, his people came over to America early from England and managed to be present for nearly every significant historic event. He jokes that I'm a rank amateur at being American. Smiley Happy




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Re: So where are you from?

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My family immigrated on my grandmothers side from France via Great Britain in the 1700’s.

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Re: So where are you from?

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I have a total of at least 4 paths to the DAR as both sides of my family has been here prior to the Revolution.  My father's family came from the town of Bovington in England, which is where the name Buffington came from.  Both sides of the family have connections with both Ireland and Scotland and are part of the Campbell Clan.

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So where are you from?

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Do you know where your  family came from? Good morning everyoneon the Front Porch!! Have a good day. Photo of Tynemouth North Pier lighthouse....fully completed in 1903...North East England.... harbor of South Shields where my dad's family immigrated from in 1912.



Form more information:

Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper
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