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Re: Morning Roll Call! SEPTEMBER -OCTOBER

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50* judging by dry slippers guess it didn't get cold last night, least not frost/dew cool.


Hoping someone ignores the feral cat beneath the eaves of neighbor's barn.


One more lap before coffee😇.



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Re: Morning Roll Call! SEPTEMBER -OCTOBER

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Hi to all,can't believe its Sept already,where did the last 3 months go?????

When I went on my early walk this morning at 6:30,was a tad nippy 48,but refreshing with no wind. My legs are saying'what's with wearing capri pants'LOL! Its going to be a partly sunny day here in Buffalo,temps near 65.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend,be safe wherever you go Sue

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Morning Roll Call! CLOSED

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Welcome to our new addition of Morning Roll Call SEPTEMBER  - OCTOBER! As was suggested a while back we will have this topic in short segments of 2 months to keep it easy-to-use and review.

So I hope you all have a great weekend and welcome to SEPTEMBER 1ST.



Posted by Dave the Lighthouse Keeper