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Re: What Do You Think is the Most Romantic Movie Ever?

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Nightmare on Elm Street.


Freddy loved them teenagers!

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Re: What Do You Think is the Most Romantic Movie Ever?

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Doctor Zhivago........


Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: Tonya! Can you play the balalaika?

David: Can she play? She's an artist!

Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: Who taught you?

David: Nobody taught her!

Gen. Yevgraf Zhivago: Ah... then it's a gift.


Now. the saddest romantic film I've seen, or saddest, period, is Tess of the D'Ubervilles.

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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What Do You Think is the Most Romantic Movie Ever?

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I know it's the day after Valentines but what the heck. What movie do you feel is the perfect romance and why? I would have to say "Gone With the Wind". Funny because it was my mother's favorite too. I remember as a teen she took me to see it for the first time. Of course it didn't really do too much for me then. She also passed the book on to me. That was much better and after a few years I saw the movie again and now I understood the characters.


Pity crushing on Leslie Howard and Clark Gable when they've been gone for so long. But Clark Gable stood the test of time. Even compared to sex symbols of the present day...Clark as Rhett Butler, MWWWRRRROWWR. The thing I love about this movie besides the stars is it was the way great movies used to be. No shades of gray or people being crazed weasels. They left things to the audiences imagination.


Like when Rhett hauls Scarlett up that staircase, you just know the house was a rockin', they didn't have to be graphic. Scarlett all happy the next morning said it all. Yes the portrayal of blacks in this movie is an abomination...But just concentrating on Rhett and Scarlett...Oh and IMHO he does ultimately go back to her. They knew each other too well. He probably goes to town and Belle Watling talks him into going home.


So whats your favorite romance?