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Re: Sean Connery 8/25

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"...In my opinion,he is the one& only James Bond,couple fav JB movies...".


Yup. The JB films started to get pretty silly after him. His early stuff is campy, but it's entertaining. We like the Hunt for Red October a great deal. We also like his lesser-known films (sans action): The Name of the Rose and Finding Forrester. But pretty much, we like all of his films (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was pretty bad, inho). I believe we've seen everything he has done. 

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Sean Connery 8/25

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Another one of my favorite actors is celebrating a birthday today,Sean Connery is 87.

In my opinion,he is the one& only James Bond,couple fav JB movies

"Dr. No" '62

"Goldfinger" '64.

A couple other favorite movies he's appeared in

"The Man Who Would Be King' 75  with Michael Caine

"Robin and Marian'76 with Audrey Hepburn

"The Untouchables" '87,co star with Kevin Costner.He won best supporting actor Oscar for his role

"Indiana Jones&The Last Crusade" '89 with Harrison Ford

"The Russia House '90 with Michelle Pfeiffer

If you have fav Connery movies,feel free to post them Sue


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