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Re: Favorite Movie Actor

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Helen Merrin.

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Re: Favorite Movie Actor

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Robert de Niro. The only bad movie he ever did was Brazil, in my opinion. He was great in everything else he did.

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Favorite Movie Actor

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My favorite movie actor for years has been Gene Hackman. He could take a part whether it was good or bad and still make the film worth seeing. He's been in a few 'clunkers' along the way through out his long career,which happens to all good actors. I'm thinking those film roles looked good on paper but never  materialized on screeen or took the role because he needed the money. Of all the movies he's made these are my 3 favorites:

1. Hoosiers'86. He plays a disgraced college basketball coach, who is given his last chance of redeeming himself by coaching a high school basketball team in Indiana in the 50's.He takes the team to the state championship finals.

2. Mississippi Burning"88. He plays an FBI agent/Southern lawman working with another FBI agent{Wilem Defoe} as they try to figure out what really happened to 3 missing Civil Rights  workers in 1964. It was terrific performance by Hackman,was nominated for Best Actor Oscar.

3. Class Action'91. He plays a lawyer who takes on a class action case involving a negligent auto company. The opposing attorney in the case is his estranged daughter played by,Mary Eliz. Mastrantonio,some intense scenes between the two.

Hackman is retired from acting,he's now 86,last movie was in 2004.. He appeared in a cameo  in Mel Brook's very funny movie"Young Frankenstein",'74, played the blind hermit. In the movie"The Birdcage" towards the end,he walks down the runway in drag LOL!

Who is your favorite movie actor? Sue

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