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Re: United Healthcare AARP RX

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Re: United Healthcare AARP RX

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@labbifri1  Thank you for posting on AARP regarding your concerns.  Please note we are very concerned about your situation and are happy to be of assistance.  Please be advised that a representative will be contacting you via email (the one used to registered on this site) to obtain additional information regarding this matter.

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United Healthcare AARP RX

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Very angry.  I called to say I would have a change of address moving to another state.  They said I needed to reapply. No problem and made my new plan effective in my new state Aug 1.  I called middle of June to make sure they had enough time. The customer serviced rep never said she was cancelling my current plan in June leaving me with no drug coverage for July.  Their answer was you called in June.  Never in my phone conversation did the rep say that or tell me to call back in July so I would be covered. Until I tried to use it I found no coverage.  So pretty much they stick to the story you called in June and left me with nothing until August.  That person should not be helping people. Common sense would say she is starting in Aug so we will cancel in July.  Worse customer service ever. Stupid people and some you can't even understand what the heck they are saying.  I am waiting and will look for a new health and rx plan next year.  Will get a broker who can help me better than these idiots