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Re: New to AARP. Looking for health insurance

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Hmmm well I came here looking for the same info.  Seems like everything on this site is geared toward Medicare and we are too young for that (plus you need a family plan).  ACA open enrollment may be closed in your state or I'd recommend that for you.  I'm going to retire sometime in the first half of 2018 and will have to find something as ACA enrollment in my state ends on 1/15/18.


I think private insurance is the way to go - Costco used to sell it but no longer, although they do refer people to the provider they used to resell (so you don't have to be a Costco member, just look at their site).  I guess I would look at Sam's or others.  I have a AAA membership, that's a longshot but I'm going to check.   And there are agencies (by state) that sell various products directly, it varies by state.  You may want to consider any groups you belong to that may offer the option to buy in.


Good luck!


Good luck!

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New to AARP. Looking for health insurance

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Hi All!


I just started my AARP Membership. Excited to see what's on this site.


I'm a 58, soon to be 59 year old single Mom with a 14 year old son, and we need health insurance...affordable health insurance. I work as a Contractor so I don't have company benefits.


I would appreciate any input, leads and direction. This is a daunting task.



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