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Medigap Guaranteed Issue Confusion

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I think I've been laboring under a poor understanding of guaranteed issue.  There must be hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of spouses who retired, or never worked, but their partner ( typically husband) continued working past 65. ( my situation )
So the wife hits 65 and gets part A, continuing to have remaining coverage provided by husband's employer's insurance.   As the husband nears retirement, the wife gets Part B but not medigap.
Then she decides it's time to get medigap.  She can do it before the husband's retirement date or after, within 63 days.  If the husband's employer insurance ends when he retires ( typical ),  if she waits until then she would be able to get the statement from employer/insurance company that her coverage ended  --- HOWEVER, she would be exposed and have a gap in coverage until the medigap took effect.
If she gets the medigap prior to husband's retirement date, she can't get the "end of coverage letter," and apparently can't get guaranteed issue so might need underwriting, exams and possible issues with pre-existing conditions.  Makes no sense.  What makes sense to me is that if she gets her medigap prior to husband's retirement/end of coverage, she gets guaranteed issue and either needs nothing from the employer's health insurance company or would get  a letter of "active status" from that insurance company.