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Re: Tues, Mar 10th, BINGO GAME 323 CONTINUES

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Couple more for me today but, no bingo. We have sunshine & 56 degrees, what a turn a round, most of our snow has melted.  Have a good evening.

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Treasured Social Butterfly

Tues, Mar 10th, BINGO GAME 323 CONTINUES

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Hi Everyone, Rain this morning and last night got rid of a lot of the snow, warm now with a hazy sun.

callmynumber.jpg HERE ARE THE #s FOR TODAY, I have an errand to run, so will check when I return.

B-4  N-31  I-25  G-47  O-73


N-44  O-66  B-11  I-26  G-58


GOOD LUCK, See you later, Jen


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