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Re: What Birds Are You Seeing Now?

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I see the usual suspects are present. lol


So those tundra swans were spotted this weekend in Weld County. Out with the legions of Canada geese in a farm pond .

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What Birds Are You Seeing Now?

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We took a trip to a birding hotspot Saturday, and along with the regulars (gulls, gadwalls, kingfishers, raptors, doves, house finches, chickadees, sparrows, mallards and Canada geese) we were able to closely observe


Green-winged Teals


American Wigeons


Common Goldeneyes


Ring-necked Ducks




Northern Shovelers




All of these are typical species for our area this time of year, though this is the first we've been in the right place at the right time in order to watch green-winged teals, shovelers, goldeneyes and ring-necked ducks since the spring mating season.


Yesterday we saw roughly a million Canada geese while we were cycling. They were in the sky by the thousands, in the water by the thousands, on the shores by the thousands the entire day. Say goodbye to clean sidewalks, northern Colorado. Smiley Happy


What birds are you seeing in your neck of the woods?  Anything rare or unusual?   Are you still seeing migrating birds, like us? And most importantly: do you want some geese? LOL.





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