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Hi Gail,


I too am in upstate New York. When I was growing up being pen pals with other girls was the "in"

thing" to do. I hadent even concidered being pen pals with anyone until I read your post. I am now single and I have two boys. I have about 30 years in the Special Education feild. I no longer work as a Teacher but I'm still involed everyday. 


Have a great day!



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Hi Info Seeker,


Pen paling sounds fun to me too if you are still game. Haven't been a pen pal in a long while but I'm hopeful it's like riding a bike!! Im in Texas where it is hotter than tamales already but I love Texas so much I wont complain. Not sure if you ever get acclimated to the long hot summers but have been told over and over that it beats the long snowy winters. Hope to hear from you.



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Hi Phyllis
Good to meet you on here and even more we both live in NC.
Hope your day is going great
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Would love to join pen pal. I' m middle age but still work and go to graduate school. Avid gardener and live in North Carolina. Also lived in 2 other countries. Sure I'd love to become a part of pen pals.... Used to do so in earlier school days ... Respond and I'll do likewise.
Regards. Dawn
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Dear Penpals...

I will be launching a show just for you very soon.  In the meantime.....


Listen to my new episode Retirement is Work at #BlogTalkRadio

I will be scheduling my next show tomorrow.  I hope you will join me.




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Re: June 10, 2016 : PENPALS with another New Yorker

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Hi Marie,

I live in Upstate NY, near Syracuse. If you choose to move here, it is definitely a very beautiful place to live. Ithaca has the gorges and alot of state parks, but because it has two colleges, it is probably the most expensive place to live upstate. I am not that familiar with Buffalo,  other than it is a booming area. If you don't mind snow, any where upstate is great. 

I live on a farm, where we rent out the land to a local farmer who grows corn and sowbeans. My husband hunts deer in the fall, but he is not into fishing. We have two dogs and three cats. I work in Syracuse.

If you would like to be penpals, please email me back.

Take care, 


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Hi I have been to the villages and it is a very nice place.I visit several times a year. I have friends that live in Oxford just outside ocala.
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Hello! My name is Diane and I'm 60-years old. I live with my daughter and 11-year-old granddaughter. I was born and raised in NH, but moved to SC a year ago. I would be interested in having a pen pal!  

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June 10, 2016 : PENPALS with another New Yorker

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Hi my name is Marie, I last posted on the penpals February 2016 and have been trying to get back to it. I dislike saying 'so many things got in the way' as it could seem to another everything else is more important but for me in this instance it is true.  I live in Queens and I am looking to move.  Upstate is one of the places I have been reading about. Westchester is on the list too. I read a lot about Buffalo and Ithica is interestng too. My Grandfather left the city and lived upstate for many years. At first he was considered an outsider and after awhile they accepted him. For a city kid he loved to hunt, fish and loved the outdoors.  He would send me rabbit skins!   Are you orginally from Upstate?  A number of people I know would go to college upstate and stay there after graduating. Be Well.

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Hi My name is Hylda I would love a pen pal. I live in R.I. and have just retired. I am 57 have 3 children and no grandchildren yet. My background is Retail Managment and I owned a licensed daycare/Preschool for 15 years before retiring. I love reading, traveling and animals rescue.