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Re: How much sleep do you require?

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I function better on 7 hours,but most of the time I get about 6 hours. I try to be in bed 9:30 pm but often I toss and turn decreasing quality sleep.

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Re: How much sleep do you require?

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DEC2 mutant here. Smiley Happy I typically get 5.5-6.5 hours of sleep these days. That's me trying to get more sleep, btw. Before I started turning in around 9 so I could get up around 3:30, though, (late last year) I typically got 4-5 hours sleep. I usually get a little less sleep while I'm traveling. I expect that to change once we are traveling in an RV rather than staying in hotels. 



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How much sleep do you require?

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Many people can get by on 7-8 hours while others require more rest.  And a small percentage of people carry a genetic mutation on the gene DEC2, needing even less sleep. (Source: Scientific American


How much sleep do you require to wake up refreshed?