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Re: Why only Fitbit

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I don't have either, but I walk 4.8 miles 5 times a week. I could track that on my Nano Ipod, but I don't. Still, if I could, I'd use that Nano to get R4G points.



I suspect the reason AARP allows only one brand of fitness tracker to be used to earn points is that Fitbit pays them to be promoted via R4G. 





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Re: Why only Fitbit

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Me, too. It was a gift.  I wasn't able to afford the more expensive one, and if AARP is all about saving money, then I would think they would include all fitness bits.  But, I suspect there may be advertising support going on for the one special brand.

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Re: Why only Fitbit

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I also have VivoFit from Garmin and have the same question.
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Why only Fitbit

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I have vivofit from Garmin. Why only fitbit. I really dont think it fair to only use on brand. I love my garmin. I walk 5 mile a day and I can't get points. This is **bleep**