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Re: Returning to the US after 29 years in Germany

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Im not into fast food such as BK, McD, Wendy's or even Olive Garden. Similar resturants that claim to be Italian or Greek.

Once you've been and lived in countries that have authentic foods, these American fast food is only for the American Palat.

Italian  and Greeks sell more seafood, lamb, beef and little to do with pasta and pizza.  No Greek resturant abroad would sell pizza or pasta. That's just an American thing. Once you've tasted real foods you want go back to processed or GMOs that America has to offer. Those that have been abroad know what Im talking about. Those that haven't want.



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Re: Returning to the US after 29 years in Germany

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Re: Returning to the US after 29 years in Germany

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Regardless, I envy having a long stay in Germany.

My older bbrother met a German couple in Europe.  He was on a sabbatical.  The couple came to the US  each year. However, the wife did not come, which was a disappointment for me.

They do not  come anymore as HE is retired.  They now usually go to Austria.


So, Welcome home!



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Re: Returning to the US after 29 years in Germany

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If your question is based on the title of your post, prepare for culture shock. (mcd bk and wendys' most corners of every major metro area).


I, personally, would not move back to USA if I were in another country. Not saying it's a bad place but violence in multiple areas has increased and need to wait return of freedom.


Education quality in multiple areas has decreased.


If you have already returned, I think you know this issues we face.


Thank you so much for your service and wish you much success!



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Re: Returning to the US after 29 years in Germany

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@d553665s - You may not realize it, but you underlined your entire post, making it uncomfortable to read! You can move your cursor over the gray box with 3 black dots, in the upper right of your post, then click on the "edit" function. Then highlight the whole post & unclick the U tool in the formatting bar.


I guess after reading your post, I wonder why you'd return to the U.S. after 29 years in Germany, when the food here is such a problem. I don't at all disagree that it's a problem, but if I didn't live here for such a long time, I doubt I'd return!

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Returning to the US after 29 years in Germany

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Lots have changed in the states after so long. I'm  leaving a country when you go out to eat you eat real food. Not talking McDonlads or such places. But real homemade foods from real Italian, Spanish, Greek, French and do on. Eating without all the preservatives or GMO'S.  Without

all that processed cheese and MSG. Yes there  are some GMO'S but at least labeled as such. No Harmones in the dairy product. Eating real cheese not what comes from the supermarkets in the US. Real mozzarella without woodpulp. Believe you me Europeans know quite a lot about GMO'S since many countries have tested many and found they aren't good for you. Long term testing found the lab rats were getting cancer or other diseases.

Naturally nonsensored news that warn the public on what corperations like Monsanto and many others have been lieing to the consumers saying they were safe when in fact they aren't. 

So I look for nongmos and organic foods. So going out to dinner isn't a choice anymore since many products use GMO'S such as corn, soy, tomatoes, squash, zukini, potatoes. The list goes on and on. If you research you'll find out for yourself. Even farm raised Salmon are a product of Monsanto. Which are full of toxins 1000 times than what is usually allowed but the FDA which is controlled by Monsanto

allows whatever comes from this corperation. Research it find out yourself.  These corperations want us to be blind to what they want you yo eat.  Seems like they're trying to keep up sick and give us new diseases that weren't there 30 years ago. You know what? Who do you think will benefit from these new diseases?

Pharmaceutical companies that profit from our illnesses.  Think about it. You're the ginipig.