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Re: Payless Car Rental

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Thank you for contacting AARP regarding your concerns with the Payless Car rental service you received.  


We are sorry to hear about the experience you have encountered with an AARP branded service provider. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact us directly at with your name, AARP Member ID, contact number and address. Please be sure to provide us with the details from this post in your email. We will have someone reach out to you who can discuss your concerns in detail.  

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Payless Car Rental

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This is a complaing I sent to this rental car company after they did a bait and switch on my reservation that I made and got a really good deal.  Their floor supervisor and other attendant were really rude and arrogant and I don't care if I can get a good deal from them from now on if their staff are that rude I would rather spend a bit more for good service.


On 09-12-17 I made a reservation using my discount code "A057401" for plans going to Denver on 9-22-17 returning on 09-24-17, renting the full size vehicle (Hyundai Sonata type) booked and received the total $101.73.  Never received a confirmation so I called and found out that the reservation had been cancelled?  Called back on 09-13-17 and spoke to floor supervisor Michael who could not explain why this reservation was cancelled except that now I could book the same reservation for $168 because your rates change and he did not offer and suggestions as to why my other reservation was canceled or how it could be rectified.  This is not good business to hike up the rate after I found the deal being offered and then cancel my reservation and tell me that I now have to pay more!  I will also be writing to AARP to let them know about my experience with your company.