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Re: National Convention 2015

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I was also disappointed to hear that there will be no more national events. This was my 7th and I have enjoyed them all because I got a chance to see different cities and meet members from all over the country, while getting very valuable information and getting to see so many well-known personalities and hear their stories. I have heard that more local events will be planned, but I will miss these great events. Our local chapters meet during the week and I hope to get involved after I retire.

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Re: National Convention 2015

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I strongly agreee. It was my first time. My mother and I made a belated Mother's Day trip out of it. Absolutely awesome...There must be another somehow......

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National Convention 2015

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Just returned from the National Convention in Miami and I am very sorry to hear there are no future conventions set for the future.  For many like me the conventions give us an opportunity to explore new cities and places while meeting other AARP members and learning new things.  I am really sorry that the National staff made a discussion without a forum for members to discuss the benefits of the conventions.  I can understand the expenses for putting on a large convention but I also know the benefits for members who attended were great. Like to see a regional convention set for the future.  Did anyone attend the Miami or other Life at 50+ conventions? And how did it benefit you?v