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Re: Expressive Art

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Dear Joy:


Hello!  My name is Karen and I, too, enjoy, MANY creative outlets to express myself.  I have had to adapt due to physical limitations, such as dimished eyesight, arthritis, etc..., you know...


I paint in all mediums, and all aurfaces.  I like to sculpt, make jewelry, SEW, anything, including making my own patterns for clothing, easy quilting, and love my aprons.  I do realistic art and abstract to mixed media.  I love the mixed media, but my ideas can be lacking.  I get stuck and frustrated sometimes and have many projects left unfinished.  MANY.  If I could just figure out how to finish them off.  


Anywyas, I have accumulated many items, mostly woodburned ones, (those are finished, because it is just like drawing (which I love).  I would like to be able to sell my art works, but I can't seem to remember to do that!


I'd love to see some of your drawings, paintings, whatever.

If you'd like to see mine, just let me know.





(Or Krazy Karen, as I am sometimes called,

because I am a llittle bit goofy and silly.

 Kids love me)



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Re: Expressive Art

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Hi Expressive Artist,

I too dabble in the creative area of painting landscapes. I am basically self-taught and have been painting since my 50's. I am finding it difficult to connect with others in my area who enjoy painting and kind of feel like a lone painter here. Anyway I hope to see if there is anyone in this AARP community that is near me with similar interests.

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Re: Expressive Art

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I have been working on Arts and Crafts during leisure time. I have learned how paint abstracts, Oil painting, and paper crafts. I best work is learning how to draw.
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Re: Expressive Art

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Hi,Joy.  In case you haven't found it yet, there is a group for Expressive Drawing and Creativity.  I've checked it several times and it appears to be dormant at the moment, although it was rather active at one time.  I would like to see it get going again.  To find it, check on the right side of the page where it lists the different sections.  Click on Entertainment and Leisure and then on Arts and Crafts.  You will see it listed.


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Expressive Art

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Looking for people who are exploring their own creativity, Joy