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Re: Age.

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That's a good question Karen....why are you so upset?
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Re: Age.

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50?  Ah, you're just a kid.  Don't worry, 64 doesn't feel much different.  Enjoy every age!


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Re: Age.

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k793737m wrote:

Age is just a number, right?  Then why am I so upset I just turned 50?! 

As they say, time stops for no one but you can use these milestones to sit down and think about what you have done so far and what you still want to do... then go do it!  Best wishes!



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Re: Age.

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k793737m wrote:

Age is just a number, right?  Then why am I so upset I just turned 50?! 

@k793737m  A hearty hello and a big fat welcome to the online community! I wasn't expected to live past age 18, so I jumped into each milestone as early as I could, calling myself 30 when I was 29 and so on. (I'm so much weirder than even that reveals, believe me! Smiley Happy)


But I get that dread of which you speak. I do. Here's an idea for an aging dread quick fix; go to a senior games event. You do not have to participate, but do talk with the oldest athletes you can find. They will prove to you that age is only a number. Then watch them go! Smiley Happy


And next year, participate. You'll learn exactly how to make aging work beautifully for you! Smiley Happy





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Re: Age.

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Don't sweat it.  I'm 65 and that's just a number to me.  It only means I'm not dead yet.


In other words, when I hit 65 it just meant that I made it TO 65, and frankly, I never thought I would have made it to 40 (a lot of us city boys in the 1960's burned the candle at both ends).  Just enjoy being 50.

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Re: Age.

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@k793737m - How did you feel when you turned 30, and then 40? Do milestones like that bother you in general? Are family or friends teasing you about it? What else is going on in your life; might that be bothering you as much as turning 50?


Last month I turned 65; I sure don't feel it! I also went thru the processes of applying for Medicare & switching over insurance, and applying for pensions from 2 companies from which I worked. You'd think that turning 65 would make all of those automatic .. since the government & both companies have known I'd be 65 for a very long time already! That makes turning 50 a real piece of cake, in retrospect!

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Age is just a number, right?  Then why am I so upset I just turned 50?!