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Re: Tick diseases?

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My son has the Alpha. Gal tick borne virus The only meat he can eat either swims or flies. Dairy is also very limited. Reactions occur about 4 to 6 hours after eating. He now keeps an epipen with him in case of a severe reaction.  BTW we're in TN

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Re: Tick diseases?

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There is Alpha Gal, spread by Lone Star tick. Causes allergies to mammalian meats and their by-products, I.e dairy products. On the rise throughout Southeastern, Eastern, Midwestern states. 

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Re: Tick diseases?

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Like retiredtraveler I’ll use Deep Woods Deet whenever I’m out in tall grass but still manage to get them on my clothing. We also treat the dog and cat monthly with tick medicine. I used to apply a product to prevent blacklegged ticks on the lawn but the lawn guy said I’d have to do it every week for it to be effective. We have stopped taking the dog to the dog park to play with his buddies because he seems to pick up a tick or two every visit. It’s a very bad year for ticks.

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Re: Tick diseases?

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I've been put on antibiotics several times over the years for possible Lyme disease. Not this year, yet. We use a lot of Deep Woods Off (pretty high concentration of DEET), but we're active outdoors and ticks are everywhere. Depending on your lifestyle, it can be almost impossible not to pick them up.

   What may be of interest to some people is that the test for Lyme disease is not very accurate --- false positives, false negatives. So, doc has always just dispensed the antibiotics.

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Tick diseases?

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Tick diseases have been on the rise lately, do you know anyone that has gotten this?


What prevention do you use?