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Re: My Addiction

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Sometimes I think I'm addicted to learning. That's also legal. Mostly harmless, too (depending upon what ones does with the knowledge, of course.) Smiley Happy


There are personalities that are more susceptible to addictive behavior than others, but only 10-15% of the population has what is known as an addictive personality. (Source: http://www.12keysrehab.com/blog/what-means-have-addictive-personality) This information makes the rampant American addiction to certain food ingredients a bit of a mystery. At least to me.





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Re: My Addiction

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Thank you for your reply..My addiction is not what you may think..It is something that affects millions of people; and it is legal.  Please click on the link below to review the Youtube video.  Thank you.




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Re: My Addiction

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I believe that eveyone should get to understand theirselves.  I became aware of my addictions while I was still working and managed to get them under control eventually.  I try not to inflict them on others.

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My Addiction

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During my employment with Xerox, I'm embarrassed to say, that I struggled with an addiction that negatively affected my health. This addiction was so strong that it controlled my everyday life. It's a habit that I only became aware of in recent years.


In fact, it was so severe that a family member tried to intervene, with no success.


I am sharing my story http://youtu.be/jmV-Q1LjQjs   with you, hoping that it will benefit you or someone you know.




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