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Re: Making the most of these extra years

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One thing we can do is guide the millenials and not worry about changes to us or the next wave of seniors, because the millenianls will keep paving the road to somewhere.  Instead of thinking how we learn, and connect, time would be well spent trying to accept how their world works and see if anything we've learned will help them. I general, I think the millenials have a good start with understanding what needs to be done to take care of theirselves and children........except in the work dept.  While they are more concerned about things we didn't even think to be concerned about.......environmental contaminants, food contaminants, sustainable Earth.......they are slaves to the corporate world more than ever. I don't know if I could handle working in "the grid" now. I am too pollyanna to survive it. But I think that mentality will come around, just not soon. They also need to learn the art of simplicity and saving.  I think that's on the near horizon for them too. There is a HUGE paranoial distrust amongst people in the country right now; this situation requires urgent attention and I wonder if they can visualize how important it is to get involved in helpling put out fires, not just be soliloquant on Facebook and Twitter.  And we need to encourage them to watch their politicians very closely and put them in their places. So I guess my thought is not worry about changes for the next group of seniors, but how we help the evolving generation.

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Re: Making the most of these extra years

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Tell it sister I agree with everything you said while we can stand up for each other we have to do it NOW. We as elders can take care of ourselves & other elders.
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Re: Making the most of these extra years

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"Magic bullets" don't work as well as putting in the basic work yourself! Eat real food; avoid as much of the processed stuff as possible. Exercise & use natural supplements, instead of taking prescription medications .. and thinking that allows you to continue a sedentary lifestyle & unhealthy diet.


Put down/walk away from all the electronic devices some of the time; stop the smart phone obsession! Have a private life, and don't post everything on social media. TALK to people; don't just text everything.

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Re: Making the most of these extra years

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Well, this won't be a particularly popular response, but I'll just say it anyway: if we would live our days fulfilled, happy and healthy, then ... we need to stop being lazy about taking care of ourselves and we need to relearn the art of thinking for ourselves. Stop letting corporate mouthpieces tell us what to think, believe, feel and want. Find out who you are, and decide how you want to be that person and never never never let someone else speak for or define you.


Big pharm does not care if you live a long productive life. They only want to wring every penny out of your pocket as possible. Don't let them! Take care of yourself!


Western medicine, for the most part, does not treat disease, instead they mask symptoms. Learn more about your body and your health than your doctor knows, and tell her how you are going to keep you healthy.


Big Ag does not care about the earth. If you want good healthy food for you and your grandchildren, support your local organic farmer.


Your political party does not care about your life: they care about their power. Stop letting them play you like a fiddle.


News has been a form of reality TV for decades. It is entertainment.


SO! Get off your duff! Learn to think for yourself. Learn how to be an original you. Take care of you. Take care of the earth. Stop feeding the machine. And live long and prosper, y'all. Smiley Happy


OK, I realize this is not what you were after, @AARPTeri but I think these are the cornerstones to truly living. Smiley Happy



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Making the most of these extra years

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To make the most of these extra years, what do we need to change about how we learn, how we work, how we connect, and how we stay healthy?