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Less Toxic = More Happiness; More Happiness = Better Health

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Difficult, Toxic People. Ugh, Right?





We all know them, and must learn to deal with them for our own sake. What are your methods of dealing with toxic people? Here are some of mine, taken from the following article: 13 Ways Emotionally Intelligent People Deal with Difficult People



Establish boundaries
You cannot please everyone neither can you fulfill or meet all their expectations. Emotionally intelligent people do not sell themselves short in this regard. They rise above the chaos and maintain some distance with difficult people.


Focus on solutions
Rather than focus on problems caused by difficult people they focus on actions that will better circumstances. There is no point in rambling and going toe to toe with a difficult person’s negativity, instead they find how to deal with whatever complications that should be solved.



Focus on joy
Emotional intelligent people are happy and they love to stay happy at what they do. They derive their satisfaction and happiness from within rather than from the external opinion of people.


Emotionally intelligent people sometimes have to refrain from activities related to work to get away from their stressors. They want to get the best out of themselves and thus they offer theirselves time to recharge and get away from negative or difficult situations.


Of course there are many methods to deal with the toxic people in your life. Here's hoping you find methods that work for you.



Good health neither comes cheap, nor is it easy.