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Re: Ketogenic Diet

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I have been on a low-carb, high-fat (ketogenic) diet since last February.  I have lost 50 pounds, my blood work at my physical in September was perfect, and I feel great.  I am a big advocate of reducing carbs--it can even cure diabetes, since diabetes is excess insulin, which is released in response to eating carbs.  I pretty much follow the Atkins plan, and I did the 2-week strict induction period, and then have adjusted the diet since then, as outlined in Dr. Atkins book, to fit my needs and life style (e.g., I was never much of a drinker, so I haven't added alcohol, and I am a bread addict, so I have completely eliminated bread).  It has certainly worked for me.  One big advantage of ketosis is that your appetite is very suppressed.  I very seldom feel hungry, so it is easy to keep to the eating plan.

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Ketogenic Diet

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Does anyone have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE being on a ketogenic diet? If you have, and/or if you've read a book about it that you'd recommend, please mention that too.


PLEASE speak from your own experience, and only recommend books you've read. We can all Google for what's on the internet ourselves, for more information.

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