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Re: Eating Healthy Everyday!!

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@sunday46 To your improved health!  Huzzbah!



Good health neither comes cheap, nor is it easy.
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Eating Healthy Everyday!!

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April 9, 2017

Hello My Community and Happy Spring!


It is wonderful to be progressing with my Posterial Laminectomy Surgery.  It has 

been a "difficult " time for me .  I start each morning being grateful because it's

difficult getting into a good sleeping position.  These 9 mos. have been painful , but I keep moving forward to complete Wellness.

I have been trying to eat healthy too.  I saw the Air Fryer on TV and some of you

might already have one. For me it was fantastic!! I cooked my first meat and did not believe that 1 table spoon of oil could fry several pieces of chicken. The chicken was so brown and crispy. So, finally I bought a good useful item. I also ordered the Air Fryer cook book that was a good price also. Amazon Prime did get it delivered in 2 days.  

Looking forward to cooking more foods from the Cook Book.  Hope with less oil

that I can also lose a few lbs. That was one of my goals too.  Perhaps try a few

deserts since Spring and Summer have lots ofreal fresh fruits ( the early fruits doesn't have a taste or smell to me ).

So, I am happy for the wonderful weather and looking to more progress with my



Happy Spring to each of you as we enjoy the Newness of each day!!!


  ENJOY !!!!