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It might help to 'cultivate hope' in the form of journal keeping. What do you think?

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There are folks who do research on how to help bereaved people. I found a study that concluded that something as simple as keeping a diary can help build a sense of hope. Here's the abstract: 

Int J Palliat Nurs. 2008 Oct;14(10):478-84.
An inner struggle for hope: insights from the diaries of bereaved family caregivers.
  • 1College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

To explore the experience of hope for bereaved palliative caregivers through participant hope diaries.


A secondary analysis of hope diaries collected as part of a grounded theory study of hope and bereavement.


Twelve older women from a small Canadian city completed a hope diary.


Content analysis (Patton, 2002) was applied to describe and interpret the data.


Hope was a feeling of peace, courage, strength, and self-confidence that enabled them to face each day and look to the future with a positive outlook. Hindrances to hope were multiple losses, loneliness, and physical health concerns, which created an inner struggle for hope. Hope was fostered through positive thoughts, connections, and taking care. Writing in the diary affected their experience of hope.


The diaries provide unique insight into their experience, suggesting practical ways to foster hope in bereavement.



What do you think?


I've kept a journal since i was in college, and i find it consistently helpful, even with the 'hindrances to hope.'   Have any of you? 


Would you be willing to try?