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Re: Twizzle game trophy room broken

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Hello @CatGiorgia66, thank you for detailing the issues you experienced when playing Twizzle. I've escalated your findings to the product team for review and resolution. Thanks.

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Re: Twizzle game trophy room broken

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That's rude I tell ya! It is!
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Twizzle game trophy room broken

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Trophy Room in Twizzle game is broken.

Three examples:

I've been playing this game for weeks, probably at least 100 times, and yet, I can't get the first trophy to load (i.e., Complete your First Game)

There are three trophies on the second shelf loaded, but I can't get any others to load, even though I have completed many, many "Mega matches."

It goes without saying that none of the higher trophies are available until I've "completed the previous level." But none of the trophies are loading at all, so I'm stuck never getting any more trophies.