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Re: Games Leaderboard

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What do I need to do?  There are no instructions as to what needs to be done. All I get are examples of board games. What do I need to do to play games?  I will not be playing at all until there are instructions as to what to do!!

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Re: Games Leaderboard

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When will we be able to play the games?
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Re: Games Leaderboard

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Hello @d669280o, I'm sorry that you haven't had a good experience lately. We've been gathering feedback from users like yourself to make some changes.  We acknowledge the impact that recent changes made on the ability to see your top game score.  We understand how important this feature is to gamers, and as a result are looking into options to address this highly desired scoring number.    More to come on this topic as we uncover our options.


In addition, we have detailed examples with scoring issues on a number of games. We’re further testing these games to validate the scoring logic and will let you know when that's complete. (You may want to follow this discussion for updates,


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Games Leaderboard

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I just played 6 games of SpellBound and my score is already higher than the highest daily score listed!!  How madding!  I want my highest score back too!  Our own personal high score is important to each of us as we play against ourselves too. Please change this soon. And give me my points for playing games. Please give us what you promise. I have always loved AARP and this doesn't look good. I wrote a private message about some of these issues a while back and no one has answered me. I would take "I don't know" over nothing at all. How rude! Thanks for listening and please give us our games back!!!