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Re: Knee rplacement surgery

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Hi Sandy, I read your reply and saw that you received hip replacement and had access to a support group. Thank you for sharing the website! I have dual replacement and had very little to no support or left side is 6 years old and the right (including a revision) is just over 5 years old. I took my health background and support from my medical team to write and publish a resource guide for hip replacement recipients.


Thanks again!

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Re: Knee rplacement surgery

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I had Bilateral knee surgery June 2015 and was definitely in the right frame of mind for it.  I had problems with my knees since I was 12 years old and had the surgeries when I was 63.  I was laughed at as a teenager because I was Bow legged and pigeon toed.  My knees started bothering me bad in junior high I chipped catrilage in my left knee doing deep knee bends in school.  I was ready and determined to do my best to recover. PT was great though it did take 4 months to feel confident and really happy.  The Doctor and Physical Therapists told me what to do and I did them no matter how painful it was to me.  Later they told me that my legs were actually deformed and surgery was more complicated because of it.  I have now been walking, tried swimming a little this year for the first time have been hiking etc.  The day of my surgery I wanted to try my legs and walked a short distance the first day.  It was great just knowing I could wiggle my toes.  I will never regret what I did.

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Re: Knee rplacement surgery

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I had bilateral knee replacement 3 years ago and am so happy I made the decision to do it... finally.  Like so many people have stated... why did I wait so long so.  I was in so much pain for such a long time.  Once I made the decision to do it, I researched and found a top notch hospital and doctor who specialize in. knee replacement. Everyone involved in my surgery, before and after made me feel so good about my decision, so much encouragement... I was secure in my decision to have the surgery.   Many people thought having two knee replaced at the same time was insane.  I knew I could handle it because I needed it so badly.  Knee replacement  surgery has come so far and there is very little pain from the surgery because the medical community has learned how to manage the pain and discomfort.  The PT is hard, but so rewarding when you are able to master the little step acomplishments.  You work hard and above all go into the the surgery and PT with a positive attitude.  You can do it!   You are going to so happy you made the decision to have the surgery.  Good Luck!

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Re: Knee rplacement surgery

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Hi Sherry, I'm Sandy, I had a hip replacement about 5 years ago and I too was nervous, the recovery is a rather lengthy process but I feel so much better. There's a great support and help group that really helped me before, during and after surgery which I still visit. I hope it's ok to list it here

I wish you the best

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Re: Knee rplacement surgery

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Hi Sherry,I had partial right knee surgery in June 2004. Yes, I was nervous too because it was the 1st time I had major surgery,I am a life long walker.I was in considerable pain before the surgery,I was walking slowly because I couldn't flex my knee back all the way. The surgery was done at a local hosptial where I worked,my co-workers took care of me,which certainly helped 

The morning after the surgery was a bit painful,but considering what I had endured before hand,it wasn't that bad.I decide to have a positive attitude when I was at rehab for a week,even though there were a couple days when I was feeling down. My therapist gave me exercises to do at home,to this day  its the 1st thing I do when I get out of bed.

My suggestion to you is, to keep a positive attitude knowing you have family/friends who will be there for you,praying for your recovery. You will feel 1,000 times better than you do now. I have no regrets,hope this helps you Sue


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Re: Knee rplacement surgery

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I have not been through it, but have heard, many times, from people who have. All of them say the same thing: "I wish I had done it sooner".


   That should tell you something......... 

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Knee rplacement surgery

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Hi my name is Sherry and I am new to this online community. I have a question. I am about to have a double knee replacement in October. I have been dealing with very bad knees for a really long time and I am lookinf forward to being able to do so many new things when this is all over. However, I am still a bit nervous about the whole process. I know that it will be very painful in the beginning. Does anyone who ha sbeen through this have any helpful suggestions to make this a little bit easier for me/