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4 Surgeries To Avoid

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An article on AARP.org talks about 4 Surgeries to Avoid and reasons to think twice before going under the knife – even if your doctor recommends it. Read more >>


Have you had any of these four surgeries?


1. Stents for Stable Angina
2. Complex Spinal Fusion for Stenosis
3. Hysterectomy for Uterine Fibroids
4. Knee Arthroscopy for Osteoarthritis


Would you avoid them?

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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

Where did this list originate and what are the reasons to avoid these procedures?  


What is the risk/benefit ratio for having vs. not having them done?


If I had symptomatic fibroids and did not desire another pregnancy, I'd have the hysterectomy...no question.  


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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

 In June,I'll be celebrating my 10th anniv of having partial right knee surgery.  I was in alot of pain,tried not to stand/walk for long periods of time,couldn't bend knee back all the way. The MRI showed I had osteoarthritis in my knee,had the surgery done with no regrets. .

Are we suppose to live in pain all the time do nothing about it?,No,I certainly wouldn't live the rest of my life like that Sue. 

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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

Arthroscopy is not knee replacement. I have had both the Arthroscopy was done bc of a meniscus repair but they also drilled the bone to create a cushion but it was only good for about 5 yrs. the pain and PT cost was probably not worth it
Info Seeker
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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

My mom had a hysterectomy at 49 because of fibroids, which were so adversely affecting her quality of life that she had no other choice. I had a hysterectomy at 36 (just 6 months ago) because of severe endometriosis and a variety of other gyno issues that were not responding to other forms of treatment. I think that the person who wrote this article must have never experienced severe gyno issues that so negatively impact your life that you can't even get out of bed some days. I still have some adhesions that just couldn't be removed because of their location, but overall my pain and other problems have reduced to the point where I have a normal life. I had hot flashes before, and with estrogen pills I feel "normal," that is still some hot flashes, but nothing new. Personally, I wouldn't want to live in pain like I was until menopause just to possibly avoid the issues listed here, which may or may not happen. And may or may not be affected by the surgery...no one really knows, it seems like every study and report has different opinions. I have to be able to live now, to take care of my 4 year old, and to be a good wife and daughter. 


And, a note on the knee issue... cortisone shots are not a fix-it. They are limited at best, and often can cause more pain than they relieve. You can only take a limited number of them, and they cause damage themselves. And, with PT, it's all in your therapist. Get a good one, your fine. Get a bad one, well...my back problems (similar to the stenosis you mention in the article) got so much worse. 

Bronze Conversationalist
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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

I had a hysterectomy for fibroids at age 38 and it was a major relief afterwards.  Before the surgery I would miss at least one day of work every month and be in bad pain.  My fibroid was the size of a 12-week fetus


As for knee arthroscopy I have had two on the left knee and one on the right knee.  Relief was provided for a few years.  The right knee is still good but I had to have the left knee replaced because of bone on bone and could barely walk.  What else would you do to avoid the pain?  Shots of cortisone and Synvisc (and other meds) didn't work for very long.


Would I do the surgeries again?  You betcha I would unless they come up with a better way that works.

Info Seeker
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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

I have not had a stent for stable angina but I am hesitant of this procedure as well as others that I feel are just another procedure for the cost rather than being helpful. I have read and know of several family members who have done the stent and have problems with the mesh and in some cases death. Think each person has to determine if the procedure is best for them and doctors/hospitals should not try to force them to do procedure.
Info Seeker
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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

Who decided this?

I have had a stent in Left Anterior Descending Artery since July 18 1995.  It has been great ever since, no more angina. I had an MI on July 15th 1995, while exercising. That hurt so much (its like something poking you in the chest with a sledge hammer), I knew I was in big trouble.  I would do the operation again.  BTW, the artery was 95% blocked, operation was an alternative to bypass surgery if it did not work.

I am bothered by the arbitrariness of deciding which 4 operations not to have, this life is a one way train, there are many stops along the way but it only goes in one direction.  Take heed, of arbitrary advice.   sign me as happy stent client.

Info Seeker
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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 42, I am now 65. This is one decision I have NERVER regretted. My doctor suggested a total hysterectomy, he gave examples of several of patients and friends that ended up getting cervical cancer and ended up having to have surgery plus cancer treatments. One young woman lost her fight with the cancer and left behind 3 young children. This decision was one my husband talked over and I made the finial decision to have the surgery.
I had server endometriosis and was in so much pain bled so badly I would miss work. When I had the surgery they found massive fibroid tumors and one that was as large as a softball. When the doctor gave my husband the report of my surgery the first thing he said was the tumor was not cancerous. Neither of us had given that a thought. After recovering I was so happy to get my quality of life back. I could go back to work without missing time and do things with my children and husband again. I would it again in a heartbeat. I have listened to women who are contemplating this surgery and they have asked me what I thought. I tell them to weigh the pros and cons talk with their husband, but only they can make the decision best for them. And I heard the old line "I won't feel famine" - that's bolognie. It's what you make, as well as there is new medications that can help if needed. Don't live in pain.
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Re: 4 Surgeries To Avoid

I had surgery for lumbar spinal surgery done by Dr. Warren Yu at george Wash. Univ. Hospital on 2006 & it was a success. I do treadmill about 3x weekly & do ballroom dancing. At the gym,I was li

fting up to 95 lbs. causing the collapse of my 3rd lumbar. I had another surgery for my lumbar spine  done again by Dr. Warren Yu, on orthopedist on 2009  & he lenghten the titanium splint. I am still doing treadmill or using the ellptical machine 3x weekly with no problem. I am 72 yrs. old & still continuing ballroom dancing 3x weekly.I    also travel out of the country 2-3 x yearly