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Re: Little Blue circle

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Press the Windows Key + X , at the same time and then click on Settings - tell us what your operating system is?


Processor, Installed RAM, System Type,Scroll down and what your operating system is Windows edition, version# And OS Build#.


If your little blue circle is spinning around on opening an app, it may be low on memory.


That could be caused by malware, viruses, really low memory or many things??


More information is required, from you.


What applications are you trying to use?


Fill in all the blanks and we’ll have a better idea of what you’re dealing with.



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Re: Little Blue circle

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When you boot up and choose to use an app on your desktop your computer first has to find it on your hard drive then load it into your memory for use. As long as you don't turn your computer off, if you stop using that app then the next time you need to use it you should find that it comes up faster.


A lot of things affect when you open something on your desktop.

Do you know how much RAM (Memory) you have? My computers both have 16 Gigabytes.

How fast does your hard drive spin? Mine are 7200 RPM.

What type of processor do you have or do you know?


The below image will show some of the information on my Laptop computer.



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Re: Little Blue circle

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There are several reasons a windows operating system can lag.  Do you have anti-virus software?  If so, run a scan and see if it finds something.

You can also do a disk cleanup.



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Little Blue circle

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When I boot up, & click on an icon on desktop, the blue circle keeps spinning, sometimes stopping, then goes again. What causes this slow-down?

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