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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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I do not know wha she was facing, by in my  mind..,she gave up too soon....there are always a next day, a new door. a way to see a better you.


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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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I remember the day Marilyn died. My mother and I were coming home from swimming at the local pool, and her death was annouced on the radio. At nine years old it was the first death of a celebrity I'd encountered. The following year it would be President Kennedy. When we arrived home I went to my best friend's house and her mother was almost cruel-like in saying Marilyn Monroe was "obvious." At the time I wasn't sure what it meant but it seemed so negative to say about someone who died. As I grew older I read just about every book written about her and loved looking at pictures of her.

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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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Those of us that grew up in the early Marilyn era felt she was the "real" deal. She portrayed the dumb blonde because that is how Hollywood used her and her assets.  It wasn't until the mvoie "Niagara" came out that offered her a look at her serious side.  As the character in the movie, the public was drawn by her looks and was not taken seriously.  She dated and married Joe DiMaggio to try to gain some normality but was not prepared to follow Joe's idea of women based on his mother.  She was supposed to bring his Joe and his guests a bottle of beer on command like a suburban housewife.  When she left him, no one listened to her side and she was ridiculed by the public.


       What did Marilyn do?   She did not castigate Joe D, she moved to New York and went to study method acting under Lee Strasburg.  Strasburg did not say how empty-headed Marilyn acts; he said she was an excellent student, ready to build a career.  In that time, she met the famous playright Arthur Miller and married him.  This was another attempt by Marilyn to justify herself as a real actress and movie star.  Arthur treated Marilyn as a woman, not a seductress. This was a good period in her life.  Unfortunately, the marriage did not last and Marilyn moved back to Hollywood to test her new skills.  


         She took the riotous female lead vs. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in "Some Like It Hot" and her best movie in my humble opinion, "The Misfits" with the 'long in the tooth' Clark Gable.  At the same time Marilyn was on various meds to control her depression and moodiness.  She took to tantrums and no-show on sets and developed an underserved reputation.  Most  was from the uppers and downers the studios fed to control her moods and her weight.


       The best part about 1959 and 1960 was a role in John F Kennedy's campaign.  She was introduced to JFK by another notorious womanizer, Frank Sinatra at a fund raiser.  They were both smitten and JFK  decided to put another notch in his belt.  After JFK was elected, he was told by friends and enemies alike that she was taboo and moved away from her.  She kept calling and calling the President and soon Bobby flew out to California to do whatever it took to keep her away from the President.  Bobby chastised and consoled her at the same time and rumor had it, the he, strident serious brother became her lover.  Some say that Marilyn was devastated when Bobby had to leave her and caused her to become a pill addict.  If it wasn't Bobby that had her killed, it was the drugs that took her that fateful night of August 2nd, 1962. Joe's love for Marilyn never died and he took the job of taking care of all the details in putting her in her final resting place.  Joe faithfully placed a rose on her resting place in Forest Lawn every day until his own death many years later.  


        Marilyn was a child of the 60's born in the late 30's who wanted respect and control of her work.  What she did not achieve in left, her estate made her one of the wealthiest people on the planet.  It's easy to state your personal opinion, but all I ask is to understand her.  These are my memories of her.

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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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I think she was just another dime a dozen Hollywood loose woman.  

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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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Think she was a real pig who dated married men. Prob wouldn't of got killed if she didn't cheat with JFKennedy.....disgusting of both of them
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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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I remember my shocker when I first saw in Playboy.  I didn't even know what things were about then.  I found out in a hurry.

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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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I loved her in Seven Year Itch - I could watch it over and over again.

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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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I really enjoyed some of her movies like, Some Like It Hot, Niagra, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  I have a Christmas ornament of Marilyn playing the ukelele and dressed in her black flapper outfit just like in Some Like It Hot.  I keep it hanging from my car's rear view mirror and called my '96 Camaro Marilyn.  I think she was beautiful and talented and very troubled and she left us too soon.  Her tragic death added to her legend.

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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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While I think she was an intelligent and lovely woman, just beginning to find her self worth, I am very tired of seeing her picture on every other ad for anything from laundry detergent to cosmetics. Countless magazine and online articles continually use her picture as 'click-bait'. Can we please leave her in peace? There were and are better actors, and I think the time has passed to celebrate her character's giggle and swaying hips. Enough.

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Re: Share Your Memories of Marilyn Monroe

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You ask for my thoughts of Marilyn Monroe.  You shall have them.  First of all I must tell you I am an old movie fan and in earlier days saw most of what came out of Hollywood.  For instance, I have seen "Gunga Din" over 60 times and stopped counting.  I did indeed go to see most of the films that happened to have featured MM .  My impression at that time, which has not changed, was that she was probably the worst actress to have come out of Hollywood (and there have been some doozies) -- nor did her acting improve one whit throughout her career.  I walked out of all of her films with one exception;  that was "Niagara" which I watched in its entirety due to the plot and the other excellent actors in the cast.   As far as looks go, dumb blondes were a dime a dozen in Hollywood.  Marilyn for sure was one of the dozen.  


I expect to be in the minority opinion here, but this was one gal who didn't "send" this guy.